Monday, October 22, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 11

It's race week, it's race week! (recap coming soon, I promise!)

It surprised me that "taper week" (not that there was much of a taper) didn't really bother me.  I wasn't antsy, or feigning to run.  I just kinda went with it.

On Monday I had a killer hill workout on the treadmill.  I jacked the incline up to 10% and --wow-- that was some hill.  That was the closest I've gotten to my Ragnar elevation change.  When I finished, my legs were all loosey-goosey, but I felt like a total badass.

Tuesday I dragged myself out of bed and did my abs ad arms workout.  I was really disappointed in myself for blowing it off last week.  My body could tell that it had been a while and I was sore the next day.  I decided that I wouldn't do it again on Thursday like I'd planned.  I didn't want to risk being sore on Sunday for the race.

Friday morning, I went out for a few short and easy miles.  It was my last run before Columbus.  Friday night, Randy asked me if I was ready for Sunday.  Actually, it hadn't really occurred to me, until that moment, to be nervous or consider that I wasn't prepared for the race.  I decided to go with my instinct that of course I'm ready.

What will be, will be, right?

Full race report coming soon!

Week 11
Monday- Run: 4mi
Tuesday- Strength: Abs & Arms, Bike 5.01mi
Wednesday- Run: 4.55mi
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Run: 3.38mi
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- RACE: 13.17mi, Run: 1.92mi
Total miles for week 11: 32.03
Total running miles: 27.02

How was YOUR week training?  Were you panicking about the race?  Or were you planning to go with the flow?