Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday 9/27/12

I didn't have much time to ride last week. I take that back. I didn't make much time to ride last week.

I was missing Blue --that's the name I decided on, by the way-- so I scheduled a nice long ride for this morning.

Here are some random thoughts:

Chilly out this morning. I should have worn long sleeves.
Foggy too.
Luckily, it's not raining, but the roads are wet. Testing the brakes...
Brakes are fine.
Oh, garbage day. We forgot to get the garbage ready last night.
I'm just going to take it easy today. Wet roads, fog...I'm kind of a pansy.
How in the world does that household accumulate so much garbage?! Recycle, people! It wouldn't irritate me so much if they weren't repeat offenders. Their garbage can is always over-flowing.
Ok, I'm done being judgemental. 
" long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke...."
What the hell?  I don't even listen to The Biebs.  Where did that song come from?
Oh, goody, the paper delivery guys. They have a different car. Maybe it's different people?
Nope. Same guys. They would have hit me while backing out of a driveway at top speed had I not stopped. Douche bags.
Good thing my brakes work.
For the record, when I blow through a stop sign (while on the bike) I look both ways first. The paper delivery guys, not so much.
Let's see if I can ride this mile in under 4 minutes.  On Bo's bike, sub-four minute miles were almost effortless.  I have to work a little harder with Blue.  Maybe because her wheels are smaller?
My favorite street in the Party Hood smells like skunk.
Ah, there's my favorite house. It is not for sale. Someday when it is for sale, I will have to find a way to buy it.
I really need to ride the Party Hood when it's light out so I can see all of the bumps in the road before I hit them and almost fall off the bike.
"As long as you love, love, love, love me, love me..."
HA!  3:48 for the mile!  WOOT!
Maybe I can keep the rest of the ride under 4 minute miles?
So much for an easy ride this morning.
I think it's getting foggier.  Is that a word?  More foggy doesn't sound right.
Whew!  I'm getting hot.  Good thing I didn't wear long sleeves.
Oops, it's 5:57am...I have to go home!

all miles 5-11.4 were sub-4 minutes. :-)

How was YOUR workout this morning?  Oh that's right, some people are sane and don't work out before the crack of dawn.  You can answer me later.
What do you think of Justin Bieber?  Cute kid.  Seems to have his head on straight.  For now.  His music is catchy and he uses lyrics that I'd let my little ladies listen to. (from what I've heard)

File:Justin Bieber.jpg


  1. You totally make me laugh. I too get up at the butt crack of dawn to run, can't see bumps/dips/holes in the gravel, and nearly fall every time. The cars coming directly at me and their headlights only blind me more, so I need to find new routes. Kudos to you for posting your random and funny thoughts ~ always fun to read :)

  2. I love this post. I totally think similar things and then get back to the blog and think "will anyone read it?" This is stream of consciousness writing and I love it! Awesome! And the recycling? I think the same thing about people's trash but I get mad about the recycling bins they put out - they gave us all these notes - how hard was it to read and follow it????


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