Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thoughts from a (almost real) Cyclist

So, last week I branded myself a runner on a bike.  The bike I've been riding was borrowed.  When I injured my hip, I talked to Randy about buying a bike since riding didn't hurt.  We both wanted to be sure I'd actually like riding before spending lots of money on a bike.  Randy's co-worker, Bo,  is an expert on all things bicycle and had an extra bike hanging around that I could borrow to test out.  Now, I'm only 5 feet tall, so I can't just ride any bike out there, but luckily, Bo's wife is not much taller than me so her old bike would fit me.  Sweet!

Once I started riding (and fell in love with) Bo's top of the line bike, we knew that finding me a bike that fit and that we could afford was going to be tough.  Randy stalked Craigslist like it was his job for 4 months and last week, we found this beauty:

And now, she's all mine.  She came home last Thursday, but she badly needed a tune up so we sent her to Bo's house for a little spa treatment and I picked her up yesterday.

I couldn't wait to get her on the road this morning.  Here are some of my random thoughts....
All right Sweetheart, let's do this.
A headlight on the bike, a headlamp on my head, a blinky tail light on the bike, a blinky tail light on my belt. I'm lit up like a Christmas tree. The lunatic paper delivery guys can't miss me now.
Every one's garage doors are closed. Way to go, people!
I've never seen a skunk's eyes glowing in my light. (It must be the new headlight.) They glow blue. Cats' eyes glow green. Good to know.
These gears are a little noisy...I wonder what will happen if I do....this? Nope....this? Nope.....this?....ahh, quiet.
"Something, something about this place...Something 'about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face..." Hmm...Lady Gaga is a step up from Katy Perry, no?
There are the blue eyes again. "It's ok, little skunky, I'm just passing through."
Oh shit, he turned around and raised his tail.
Pedal, Jamie, PEDAL!
I really need to name my pretty blue bike...Blue Thunder has been suggested, but it's not a girly name and, clearly, she is a girl.
OMG. Is that a human? At 5:20? "Good morning, Human!"
That human thinks I'm nuts. At least I'm not stinky and nuts. Damn blue eyed skunk.
I think the handlebars need to be tweaked a little.  It's like they're at the wrong angle for me.  It doesn't matter where I put my hands, something is uncomfortable...Randy will have to help me tonight.
Blue Bonnet?  That's dumb.
Hmm...that blinky tail light on my bike has a strap that's poking me in the leg.  The strap needs to go. 
Bessy?  Randy has owned three pick up trucks and they are all named Bessy.  I could keep the family name going...
Chuck Norris?
OMG!  Is that another human?!
Of course it is, I'm in the Party Hood.
"Good morning, human runner!"
Lightning (McQueen)?  Nah...that's taken, but so is Chuck Norris and I'm actually considering that one.
How about just Queen?  That's appropriate.
Another runner!  WOOT!  And it's still before 6am!
I so need to buy a house in the Party Hood.
I so need someone to pay top dollar for my house.
And there they are.  The paper delivery guys.  See all these lights, gentlemen?  Do.Not.Run.Me.Over.
"You and I, you, you and I...."
I have my own bike, but no pedals or shoes yet.  Am I a cyclist?  Do I want to be?
8 miles, I better head home.
Princess?  That's what the Little Ladies name all of their pretend pets.  They would approve of the name Princess.  I hate the name Princess.
I need help.  The expensive kind. ;-)


Do you name your stuff?  Cars?  Garmins?  Bikes?
Will you help me come up with a name for my pretty blue bike?  Please?
Do you have any random thoughts to share?


  1. I name everything! I'm crazy like that lol. What about Blue Bell? Or Bella? Hell even Belle? Good luck! And have fun riding! Quick question though (based on my limited experience with bike riding) how do you get the seat not to hurt your bum? Just curious

    1. Two words: Padded. Shorts.
      Yes, they're awesome.

  2. Get a Xinglet, you'll want one for Ragnar anyways. Definitely the best vest I've seen.

    1. I already have the Nathan one. I had Amazon gift cards so it was free. :)

  3. My SPIbelt is named Sonia and my current sneakers are Gertie!

    I don't have a name for my bike yet either though.

  4. I name cars, bikes, motorcycles, children and blankets. Helps to keep my world in order.
    Call her Dawn.

    -R. Goat


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