Monday, September 17, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 6

I always get so excited when I get to post about another week of training.  I'm so afraid the hip flexor strain will come back.  It's been 6 weeks, my hip is fine.  I'm still scared.

Wednesday morning, I had the best run in a long time.  I had 5 miles on the plan.  Randy had to be at work a little early so I set my alarm for 4:30am to make sure I got back by 5:45am.  It was nice and cool out and lots of bright stars surrounded a gorgeous waning crescent moon.  The whole run was so peaceful.  There were no skunks and the lunatic-driver-paper-delivery-guy was delivering on the next block.  It was a peaceful run.  I ran my usual three loops then ventured down to the Party Hood to run the loops down there.  I was about a mile from home when my stomach started to grumble.

Odd.  Why am I so hungry?  I ate fruit snacks before I left.  Then I looked at the time.  Oops!  It's 5:45 and I'm still a mile away!  How did that happen?!  Then I looked at the mileage.  Oops!  I'll end up with 6 miles by the time I'm done.  I picked up the pace a little and made it home with time to foam roll and take a quick shower before Randy left.  Such a great run!


My long run on Saturday was done solo in Michigan.  I was missing running with my friends that morning, but it was probably best that I ran alone (well, for the most part I was alone, but I met up with two ladies on the path who were running the same pace and direction as me, so it would have been weird to just follow them like a stalker, so we chatted for 4 miles then parted ways). 

Saturday was my Meme's birthday.  She would have been 84.  I celebrated her and her life by talking to her, thinking about her and reliving my memories for 11 miles...

The earliest memory I have of Meme is rocking with her in the high back rocking chair that used to be in her kitchen.  I might have been three or four years old.  She was sitting in the kitchen, talking to my mom and dad and I climbed up in her lap to rock.  I was facing her.  I put my arms around her and I pressed my ear against her neck and listened to the muffled sound of her voice.  She was so comfortable and comforting that I pretended to fall asleep so none of the adults would make me go play with my brother.

I talked to her about the little ladies.  Ellie is getting her six year molars and Aleena's face tangled with the neighbors' driveway earlier in the week.  The driveway won, by the way.  I could almost hear her laugh.  She would always tell me, "Enjoy them while they're young.  They grow up so fast."

A song with explicit lyrics popped up on my play list.  I could see her rolling her eyes and shaking her head.  I know, Meme, not your style, but Engelbert Humperdinck just isn't my idea of running music.

I thought about the stories I've been told...I have no memory of this because I was so young, but my parents love to tell it...I was just over a year old, we (my parents and I) were at Meme's and Pepe's house.  Pepe was working on a car in the garage and it was dinnertime.  Meme yelled to him, "Ray!  Come eat!"  She probably yelled to him a few times.  Finally she yelled, "Goddammit, Ray!" And the little baby Jamie parroted, "Goddammit, Ray!"  Poor Meme was mortified.  My parents thought (and still think) it was hysterical.

I had a nice visit with Meme and I smiled for the whole run.  The miles passed much faster than they would have had I really been alone.

Happy birthday, Meme.  I love you and I miss you.

Week 5
Monday- Run: 3.48mi
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- Run: 6.08mi
Thursday- Bike: 10.14mi (read Random Thoughts), Run: 4mi
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run: 11.2mi
Sunday- Rest
Total Mileage for Week 2-34.9
Total Running Mileage- 24.76

How was your training last week?
Do you ever run "with" your loved ones? Usually, I don't since I have to be so focused on my surroundings in the dark.


  1. I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately. He passed away in 2007 from a fast and fierce battle with cancer and was my inspiration to ride in Pelotonia in 2009. My cousin inspired me to start running, but it is my dad who runs with me.

  2. Wow, I'm in tears over here!! I've run a mile or so with a loved one, but never an entire run, I'll have to try it! My training week was great, I am back into the swing of running, that now I have to fit in the strength training, I hate that I am either one of the other....UGHH! I'll get it together. I'm glad you had a great training week!

  3. hehe. Giggles to the Meme story.
    Up at 4:30am takes crazy dedication. Whoa! ;)


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