Monday, September 10, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon training: Week 5

Pardon this interruption for a happy dance: WEEK FIVE!!!  Woohoo!  Week five and I'm still running!  You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

At the end of Week 4 I realized that I hadn't ridden my bike at all that week!  What?!  So on Monday, I made sure I gave the bike some love.  Randy checked my tire pressure and added some air for me on Sunday...

Funny story: I can't pump up my own tires.  I'm not big enough/don't weigh enough to put 120 pounds of air pressure in the tires.  I can't press the pump all the way down.  I put all of my weight on it and even lift my feet up off the ground and still can't push the pump down.

...after my run on Monday morning, I changed my shorts (in my garage, I'm classy like that) and hopped on the bike intending to ride about 10 miles.  At mile 6, I chucked that plan in the name of breakfast.  I was starving!  Before heading home, I did see some strange sights (too bad this isn't a Wordy Wednesday post):
  • Seizure inducing garage lights- not sure what was up with this house, there must have been an electrical short.  The lights on the front of the garage were flashing like strobe lights.  No one was playing with the switch, either.  They weren't flashing at the same time.  Weird.
  • Squirrel falling out of a tree- I can't make this stuff up.  A twiggy-branch (technical term) broke and down came the squirrel.  He landed on his feet and we stared at each other for a minute before he scampered back up the tree.  Kamikaze squirrel.
On Thursday, Randy, the girls and I went to a group Pub Run at Fleet Feet.  Randy ran with the double jogger and I got to run with my girlfriends.  Good thing since I had to run solo on Saturday.

Much busier week training than last week!


The Plank A Day Challenge is still going strong!  If you haven't joined us, it's not too late to jump in!

Week 5
Monday- Run: 3.37mi, Bike: 7.6mi
Tuesday- Strength: Abs & Arms
Wednesday- Run: 3.34mi 
Thursday-  Bike: 10.18mi (Random Thoughts), Run: 3.66mi
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run: 6.08mi
Sunday- Rest
Total Mileage for Week 2- 34.23
Total Running Mileage- 16.45

How was your training this week?
Are you keeping up with the planking? I have to take a few days off.  I pulled a muscle in my arm/shoulder, but I'll be back to it as soon as it feels better!