Friday, September 28, 2012

We Can All Be Princesses

I have a dream.

I have a dream that someday I will be a princess. 

In my dream, I run with joy through a magical land with thousands of other princesses.

By now you may have placed the setting of my dream in Disney World during the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Anyone who knew me growing up can guess exactly which princess I'd dress as for this race.


From the moment I saw the movie Beauty and the Beast, I've had a little princess-crush on Belle.  Who wouldn't?  She's smart, strong-willed, outspoken and brave. 

I like to think that I have all of those qualities. 

Yes, they are all qualities...even though some of the said qualities can get me into trouble from time to time. (cough strong-willed cough)

I got to be a princess once.  A long, long time ago, in a far-away land, I got to choose a wedding dress for my big day.  There were two contenders.  I remember describing them over the phone to Carrie,  my long-distance BFF / maid of honor.  I told her about the first one then I said, "...and the second dress, when I put it on, I feel like Belle..."  Carrie said, "Well that's the one you have to wear!"  Like it was a no-brainer.  Looking back, it really was a no-brainer.  It was a magical dress that transformed me into Belle, if only for the day.
Nope, no Beast here.

Someday, I will be a princess again....

This magical dream I have to run in Disney, it's not only mine.  Many princesses-in-waiting have this dream, specifically, eight women--including myself--connected by Twitter and running, share this dream of running the Disney Princess Half Marathon together.  Anne, Deanna, Tina, Rebecca, Rosalinda, Janice, Jenny, and me.  We support each other and our efforts to be the best princesses we can be through Twitter using the hashtag #FiTASTICMomsRun.  If you see us out there in the Twitterverse, feel free to join in the fun!

We are eight princesses-in-waiting, all very different, with a common bond.  Most of us have never met in real life (IRL) and we long to do so.  Someday it will happen.  I know this because we're keeping our dream alive.

Which Disney Princess do YOU want to be when you grow up? (as far as I'm concerned, it will be a while before I'm a grown-up)
Have you ever run a Disney event? If so, which one? If not, is a Disney event on your bucket list? I think we all know my answer to that one.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday 9/27/12

I didn't have much time to ride last week. I take that back. I didn't make much time to ride last week.

I was missing Blue --that's the name I decided on, by the way-- so I scheduled a nice long ride for this morning.

Here are some random thoughts:

Chilly out this morning. I should have worn long sleeves.
Foggy too.
Luckily, it's not raining, but the roads are wet. Testing the brakes...
Brakes are fine.
Oh, garbage day. We forgot to get the garbage ready last night.
I'm just going to take it easy today. Wet roads, fog...I'm kind of a pansy.
How in the world does that household accumulate so much garbage?! Recycle, people! It wouldn't irritate me so much if they weren't repeat offenders. Their garbage can is always over-flowing.
Ok, I'm done being judgemental. 
" long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke...."
What the hell?  I don't even listen to The Biebs.  Where did that song come from?
Oh, goody, the paper delivery guys. They have a different car. Maybe it's different people?
Nope. Same guys. They would have hit me while backing out of a driveway at top speed had I not stopped. Douche bags.
Good thing my brakes work.
For the record, when I blow through a stop sign (while on the bike) I look both ways first. The paper delivery guys, not so much.
Let's see if I can ride this mile in under 4 minutes.  On Bo's bike, sub-four minute miles were almost effortless.  I have to work a little harder with Blue.  Maybe because her wheels are smaller?
My favorite street in the Party Hood smells like skunk.
Ah, there's my favorite house. It is not for sale. Someday when it is for sale, I will have to find a way to buy it.
I really need to ride the Party Hood when it's light out so I can see all of the bumps in the road before I hit them and almost fall off the bike.
"As long as you love, love, love, love me, love me..."
HA!  3:48 for the mile!  WOOT!
Maybe I can keep the rest of the ride under 4 minute miles?
So much for an easy ride this morning.
I think it's getting foggier.  Is that a word?  More foggy doesn't sound right.
Whew!  I'm getting hot.  Good thing I didn't wear long sleeves.
Oops, it's 5:57am...I have to go home!

all miles 5-11.4 were sub-4 minutes. :-)

How was YOUR workout this morning?  Oh that's right, some people are sane and don't work out before the crack of dawn.  You can answer me later.
What do you think of Justin Bieber?  Cute kid.  Seems to have his head on straight.  For now.  His music is catchy and he uses lyrics that I'd let my little ladies listen to. (from what I've heard)

File:Justin Bieber.jpg

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Week seven!!! (in a sing-song voice)  Pain -free in week seven!  I can't even tell you how great it feels to say those words.  Pain-free.  It's about damn time.

It was an exciting running week for me.  I had group runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Fleet Feet Sports has Pub Runs every once in a while, group runs that start at the store and finish at the bar next door with beer and flat bread pizzas.  Pub Runs are sponsored by shoe vendors and it just happened that two vendors wanted runs the same week.

Twice the fun for us!  Randy and I have been bringing the girls with us to the pub runs and ours aren't the only kiddos there.  Just look at all of the kids who are learning how much fun it is to be active and healthy.

Picture taken from Fleet Feet's Facebook page
Thursday and Friday, I did my first Ragnar training runs.  I ran Thursday morning, Thursday evening and Friday morning.  I was really nervous about it, afraid to over-do it with the hip, but everything felt great!  Good thing, because I have to do it again in a few weeks!

I ran 15.67 miles Thursday and Friday.  My Ragnar runs total 17+ miles.  I still have some work to do.  Oh and have I mentioned that my first leg in the Ragnar Relay is 1500 feet of uphill?  Yes, I have some work to do.

Week 7
Monday- Run: 3.39mi, Bike: 4.9mi
Tuesday- Strength: Abs & Arms, Run: 4.8mi
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday-AM Run: 3mi, PM Run: 3.67mi
Friday- Run: 9mi
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Run: 3mi
Total miles for Week 7: 31.76
Total running miles for Week 7: 26.86

How was your week of training?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 6

I always get so excited when I get to post about another week of training.  I'm so afraid the hip flexor strain will come back.  It's been 6 weeks, my hip is fine.  I'm still scared.

Wednesday morning, I had the best run in a long time.  I had 5 miles on the plan.  Randy had to be at work a little early so I set my alarm for 4:30am to make sure I got back by 5:45am.  It was nice and cool out and lots of bright stars surrounded a gorgeous waning crescent moon.  The whole run was so peaceful.  There were no skunks and the lunatic-driver-paper-delivery-guy was delivering on the next block.  It was a peaceful run.  I ran my usual three loops then ventured down to the Party Hood to run the loops down there.  I was about a mile from home when my stomach started to grumble.

Odd.  Why am I so hungry?  I ate fruit snacks before I left.  Then I looked at the time.  Oops!  It's 5:45 and I'm still a mile away!  How did that happen?!  Then I looked at the mileage.  Oops!  I'll end up with 6 miles by the time I'm done.  I picked up the pace a little and made it home with time to foam roll and take a quick shower before Randy left.  Such a great run!


My long run on Saturday was done solo in Michigan.  I was missing running with my friends that morning, but it was probably best that I ran alone (well, for the most part I was alone, but I met up with two ladies on the path who were running the same pace and direction as me, so it would have been weird to just follow them like a stalker, so we chatted for 4 miles then parted ways). 

Saturday was my Meme's birthday.  She would have been 84.  I celebrated her and her life by talking to her, thinking about her and reliving my memories for 11 miles...

The earliest memory I have of Meme is rocking with her in the high back rocking chair that used to be in her kitchen.  I might have been three or four years old.  She was sitting in the kitchen, talking to my mom and dad and I climbed up in her lap to rock.  I was facing her.  I put my arms around her and I pressed my ear against her neck and listened to the muffled sound of her voice.  She was so comfortable and comforting that I pretended to fall asleep so none of the adults would make me go play with my brother.

I talked to her about the little ladies.  Ellie is getting her six year molars and Aleena's face tangled with the neighbors' driveway earlier in the week.  The driveway won, by the way.  I could almost hear her laugh.  She would always tell me, "Enjoy them while they're young.  They grow up so fast."

A song with explicit lyrics popped up on my play list.  I could see her rolling her eyes and shaking her head.  I know, Meme, not your style, but Engelbert Humperdinck just isn't my idea of running music.

I thought about the stories I've been told...I have no memory of this because I was so young, but my parents love to tell it...I was just over a year old, we (my parents and I) were at Meme's and Pepe's house.  Pepe was working on a car in the garage and it was dinnertime.  Meme yelled to him, "Ray!  Come eat!"  She probably yelled to him a few times.  Finally she yelled, "Goddammit, Ray!" And the little baby Jamie parroted, "Goddammit, Ray!"  Poor Meme was mortified.  My parents thought (and still think) it was hysterical.

I had a nice visit with Meme and I smiled for the whole run.  The miles passed much faster than they would have had I really been alone.

Happy birthday, Meme.  I love you and I miss you.

Week 5
Monday- Run: 3.48mi
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- Run: 6.08mi
Thursday- Bike: 10.14mi (read Random Thoughts), Run: 4mi
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run: 11.2mi
Sunday- Rest
Total Mileage for Week 2-34.9
Total Running Mileage- 24.76

How was your training last week?
Do you ever run "with" your loved ones? Usually, I don't since I have to be so focused on my surroundings in the dark.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thoughts from a (almost real) Cyclist

So, last week I branded myself a runner on a bike.  The bike I've been riding was borrowed.  When I injured my hip, I talked to Randy about buying a bike since riding didn't hurt.  We both wanted to be sure I'd actually like riding before spending lots of money on a bike.  Randy's co-worker, Bo,  is an expert on all things bicycle and had an extra bike hanging around that I could borrow to test out.  Now, I'm only 5 feet tall, so I can't just ride any bike out there, but luckily, Bo's wife is not much taller than me so her old bike would fit me.  Sweet!

Once I started riding (and fell in love with) Bo's top of the line bike, we knew that finding me a bike that fit and that we could afford was going to be tough.  Randy stalked Craigslist like it was his job for 4 months and last week, we found this beauty:

And now, she's all mine.  She came home last Thursday, but she badly needed a tune up so we sent her to Bo's house for a little spa treatment and I picked her up yesterday.

I couldn't wait to get her on the road this morning.  Here are some of my random thoughts....
All right Sweetheart, let's do this.
A headlight on the bike, a headlamp on my head, a blinky tail light on the bike, a blinky tail light on my belt. I'm lit up like a Christmas tree. The lunatic paper delivery guys can't miss me now.
Every one's garage doors are closed. Way to go, people!
I've never seen a skunk's eyes glowing in my light. (It must be the new headlight.) They glow blue. Cats' eyes glow green. Good to know.
These gears are a little noisy...I wonder what will happen if I do....this? Nope....this? Nope.....this?....ahh, quiet.
"Something, something about this place...Something 'about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face..." Hmm...Lady Gaga is a step up from Katy Perry, no?
There are the blue eyes again. "It's ok, little skunky, I'm just passing through."
Oh shit, he turned around and raised his tail.
Pedal, Jamie, PEDAL!
I really need to name my pretty blue bike...Blue Thunder has been suggested, but it's not a girly name and, clearly, she is a girl.
OMG. Is that a human? At 5:20? "Good morning, Human!"
That human thinks I'm nuts. At least I'm not stinky and nuts. Damn blue eyed skunk.
I think the handlebars need to be tweaked a little.  It's like they're at the wrong angle for me.  It doesn't matter where I put my hands, something is uncomfortable...Randy will have to help me tonight.
Blue Bonnet?  That's dumb.
Hmm...that blinky tail light on my bike has a strap that's poking me in the leg.  The strap needs to go. 
Bessy?  Randy has owned three pick up trucks and they are all named Bessy.  I could keep the family name going...
Chuck Norris?
OMG!  Is that another human?!
Of course it is, I'm in the Party Hood.
"Good morning, human runner!"
Lightning (McQueen)?  Nah...that's taken, but so is Chuck Norris and I'm actually considering that one.
How about just Queen?  That's appropriate.
Another runner!  WOOT!  And it's still before 6am!
I so need to buy a house in the Party Hood.
I so need someone to pay top dollar for my house.
And there they are.  The paper delivery guys.  See all these lights, gentlemen?  Do.Not.Run.Me.Over.
"You and I, you, you and I...."
I have my own bike, but no pedals or shoes yet.  Am I a cyclist?  Do I want to be?
8 miles, I better head home.
Princess?  That's what the Little Ladies name all of their pretend pets.  They would approve of the name Princess.  I hate the name Princess.
I need help.  The expensive kind. ;-)


Do you name your stuff?  Cars?  Garmins?  Bikes?
Will you help me come up with a name for my pretty blue bike?  Please?
Do you have any random thoughts to share?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Runner Questions

I'm always up for a fun survey, so when I read Monday's blog post from Another Mother Runner, I thought it would be fun to participate.

10 Running Related Personal Questions. (When I read that, I braced myself expecting questions about undies, chaffing and periods...have no fear, you won't find those here!)

1. Best run ever: Sunday, April 15, 2012.  Back in April, we had just found out that my grandmother was sick, my stomach was a ball of nerves, I was crying at the drop of a hat and I went out to run in the rain.  At first it was a light sprinkle, then it started pouring and it seemed to wash all of the stress away.  For three whole miles, I felt calm and collected.  I felt like a child splashing through and leaping over the puddles and especially when my mom met me at the door and wrapped me in a towel.  The rain, the road, the puddles, the towel...they were exactly what I needed.

2. Three words that describe my running: Relaxing.  Energizing.  Fun. 

3. My go-to running outfit is: Capris and short sleeves is my favorite running outfit.  In the summer, I'm in shorts, in the winter: tights.

4. Quirky habit while running: I run in the middle of the road like I own the place.  It's a luxury of running at 5am.

5. Morning, midday, evening: Morning.  Hands down.  The earlier the better.

6. I won’t run outside when it’s: Storming.  I love running in the rain, but I'm terrified of lightning and thunder is so loud when you're outside.
7. Worst injury—and how I got over it: Hip flexor strain.  I couldn't run for months.  I went to physical therapy for strengthening exercises, but the only way to heal was to rest.  It sucked.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when: a (non-runner) friend commended my Cleveland Marathon finish.  My finish time is nothing to be proud of, but she reminded me that it was a huge accomplishment to have survived that race when so many others didn't finish and were taken off the course in an ambulance.  It was a nice reminder that I'm pretty badass.

9. Next race is: Columbus Half Marathon on October 21, 2012, followed closely by Ragnar Relay Tennessee in November.

10. Potential running goal for 2013: Remain injury-free.  This will also be my running goal for 2014 and 2015 and 2016...

Your turn!  (that goes for anyone reading this)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon training: Week 5

Pardon this interruption for a happy dance: WEEK FIVE!!!  Woohoo!  Week five and I'm still running!  You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

At the end of Week 4 I realized that I hadn't ridden my bike at all that week!  What?!  So on Monday, I made sure I gave the bike some love.  Randy checked my tire pressure and added some air for me on Sunday...

Funny story: I can't pump up my own tires.  I'm not big enough/don't weigh enough to put 120 pounds of air pressure in the tires.  I can't press the pump all the way down.  I put all of my weight on it and even lift my feet up off the ground and still can't push the pump down.

...after my run on Monday morning, I changed my shorts (in my garage, I'm classy like that) and hopped on the bike intending to ride about 10 miles.  At mile 6, I chucked that plan in the name of breakfast.  I was starving!  Before heading home, I did see some strange sights (too bad this isn't a Wordy Wednesday post):
  • Seizure inducing garage lights- not sure what was up with this house, there must have been an electrical short.  The lights on the front of the garage were flashing like strobe lights.  No one was playing with the switch, either.  They weren't flashing at the same time.  Weird.
  • Squirrel falling out of a tree- I can't make this stuff up.  A twiggy-branch (technical term) broke and down came the squirrel.  He landed on his feet and we stared at each other for a minute before he scampered back up the tree.  Kamikaze squirrel.
On Thursday, Randy, the girls and I went to a group Pub Run at Fleet Feet.  Randy ran with the double jogger and I got to run with my girlfriends.  Good thing since I had to run solo on Saturday.

Much busier week training than last week!


The Plank A Day Challenge is still going strong!  If you haven't joined us, it's not too late to jump in!

Week 5
Monday- Run: 3.37mi, Bike: 7.6mi
Tuesday- Strength: Abs & Arms
Wednesday- Run: 3.34mi 
Thursday-  Bike: 10.18mi (Random Thoughts), Run: 3.66mi
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run: 6.08mi
Sunday- Rest
Total Mileage for Week 2- 34.23
Total Running Mileage- 16.45

How was your training this week?
Are you keeping up with the planking? I have to take a few days off.  I pulled a muscle in my arm/shoulder, but I'll be back to it as soon as it feels better!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thoughts from a Runner on a Bike

It's been a while since I've had a solo bike ride long enough for a Random Thoughts post...

Lots of stars, but not a lot of light.  Where's the moon?
Thank goodness it's cooler out this morning. I hate heat.
I spy with my little eyes THREE houses with open garage doors! I hope they didn't have any critters wander in and set up camp last night.  Many, many years ago, when I still lived with my parents, they were remodeling their kitchen, my dad ripped out three sub floors and piled it all up in the garage.  It was after dark when he finished for the day and closed the garage door.  The next morning when he left through the garage to go to work, he was greeted by a very angry, hissing opossum who thought she made a home in the pile of plywood.  Yikes.
Sprinklers! Where were the damn sprinklers yesterday when I needed them?!
Why is it that every time I get on the bike, I start singing Katy Perry in my head? I need to get out more.
Twenty eight cats on one street! Ok, maybe that was a small exaggeration, doesn't anyone keep their cats inside anymore? No, they send them outside with their glowing eyes to scare the hell out of runners on bikes.
That's what I am, by the way: a runner on a bike. I'm not a cyclist. Maybe I will be someday when I have my own bike. And pedals that clip to shoes.  And maybe one of those cool zip-up shirts with pockets. For now, I'm a runner on a bike.
Have I mentioned how much I dislike the paper delivery guys?  They drive like maniacs.
Mile 9, headed looks like there's something moving in the road up ahead.  OMG!  It's a PERSON!  A real live human being!  Before 6am!
"Good morning!  Passing on your left!"
He was running on the wrong side of the road.  And he needs lights.  And reflectors.  Or at least a white shirt.
Turning onto my street, what's that?  ANOTHER human!  Good morning, Dog Walker!
This is going to be a great day.  :-)

10.18 mi

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Act first, panic later.

When faced with an emergency situation with your child, there really isn't any other option.

Aleena had an accident when she was about 9 months old...she was playing in the upstairs hallway while I showered.  I had a baby gate in the bathroom door so I could keep the door open and talk to her and of course there is a gate at the top of the stairs so she couldn't fall.  This was the beginning of her climbing stage.  She tried to pull herself up to stand using the baby gate and she fell and smacked her face on the gate.  Crying, she tried again (while I'm frantically rinsing to get out of the shower), fell again and smacked her face again.

By the time I got to her, there was blood everywhere.  All over her face, her clothes, the carpet...I felt panic setting in.  My baby is bleeding!  Call 911!

Deep breath.

I cleaned her off and found a tiny scrape on her gums.  All that blood from this tiny scrape?! Drool makes everything worse.

I should mention that this was 3 days after taking a dive off of her changing table.  I caught her by the leg before she landed head-first in an empty clothes hamper.  Pretty good reflexes for a sleep-deprived mama.

This kid is going to take years off my life.

Up until this weekend, these were the closest I've come to have an emergency with my kiddos.

Fast forward three years to lunchtime yesterday....

Ellie was finished with her lunch, but munching on a piece of lettuce.  She coughed and when she inhaled, a piece of lettuce got stuck in her throat.  Something about coughing coming to an abrupt stop raises a red flag for a mother.  When I looked at her face, her mouth looked like she was gagging, but nothing was happening.

Oh shit.

Without even thinking, I turned her around and did a stomach thrust, leaned her over my arm and whacked her back a few times.  She coughed and suddenly, there was green vomit all over the floor.  Don't panic.  She was eating lettuce.  She threw up a little more and then was breathing normally.

That's when the panic set in.  I was shaking and trying really hard not to cry.  Ellie was scared enough, I didn't need to add to it.  I just held her for a while and tried not to squeeze too hard.

This kid is going to take years off my life.

Almost all parents know how to help a child who is choking, but here's a refresher:

Infant Choking First Aid
Infant up to 1 year
Toddler Choking First Aid
1 year and older
I was caught off guard by the vomiting.  In the movies when someone chokes, they get the Heimlich by a super hero and the piece of food comes flying out of their mouth and hits an old guy across the room.  End of story.  There is no vomiting in the movies.

On Facebook yesterday, I heard from a bunch of other moms whose children have also vomited after choking so I did a little research.

According to,
"Vomiting may occur after being treated with the Heimlich maneuver. All infants and children who experience a choking episode severe enough to require the Heimlich maneuver should be taken to the hospital emergency room to be examined for airway injuries."
While Ellie's episode was severe enough to require the Heimlich, we did not go to the ER afterward.  It never even occurred to me.  Could lettuce injure her airway?

A few minutes after "the incident" she was fine.  Not complaining of a sore throat, there was no coughing and her disposition and breathing were normal.

That was a scary event that I hope we never experience again.

Have you ever choked on food (or non food)?  Nope, not me.
Have you ever had a choking scare with your kids?
How do you deal with emergency situations?  Can you keep a calm, clear head, or do you panic?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 4

I started the week sick.  Again.  I must have had some kind of virus, I felt really run down and I had a mouth full of canker sores.  It was awful.  It hurt to eat, talk and touch my face.  I even blew off my cross train day on Tuesday to sleep in a little.

My run on Wednesday morning went well, but my Thursday run was a struggle.  It was hot, I was tired and really not into the run.  It was even a group run and it still sucked.

Even wearing these awesome laces didn't make me want to run.
I had to take many walk breaks.  I think I'm better off doing my mid-week long runs in the morning when it's cooler and saving a shorter run for the evening group run in the heat.  I will make that change next week.

Saturday was another group run and we had a big group!  I was so thrilled to run an entire long run with my BRF (best running friend) Anne.  I had 10 miles on the plan.  It was my first double digit run post-Cleveland.  I had a little hip soreness at the beginning of the week, so I wasn't sure how my hip was going to tolerate 10 miles.  It did great!  I had no tightness, soreness, pain--nothing!  Woohoo!

My IT band (on the other leg), however, was voicing some concerns.  Seriously?  It's always something, isn't it?  The foam roller is now my IT band's new BFF.  Last time I had an IT band flare up, using the foam roller a couple of times a day helped a lot. 

In other news, a friend of mine set up a Plank A Day Challenge on Facebook.  We plank, every day, in the prone position (push-up position) and on both sides.
Plank A Day Challenge

I must admit, I haven't been doing a whole lot of planking.  I don't really like planks so they aren't exactly high up on my priority list.  This challenge will force me to get them done.

If you're on Facebook, you should join us!  If you're not on Facebook, you should do it anyway!  Let me know how it goes!

Week 4
Monday- Run: 2.61
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- Run: 3.38mi
Thursday-  Run: 5mi
Friday- Strength: Abs & Arms
Saturday- Run: 10mi
Sunday-  Rest
Total Mileage for Week 2- 20.99
Total Running Mileage- 20.99

No bike this week!  (horrors!)  I'll have to remedy that next week!

How was YOUR training this week?
Will you join the Plank A Day Challenge?