Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wordy Wednesday (a day early)

I found a different entrance to the neighborhood that is across the busy street. This "new and improved" entrance is almost directly across the main road from one of the roads in my hood, so I don't have to ride on the main road for any length of time.  I tested out this new and improved route yesterday on my run.

Last spring, I named the other neighborhood the Party Hood, because I'd leave my neighborhood, where I was in solitude, and run down to the other neighborhood for my mid-long runs and I would see lots of runners, walkers and dog-walkers out and about down there.  That hood is where the party's at!  Generally, though, the party starts in that hood around 6am and I'm only out after 6 when Randy can go into work later.

Random thoughts from my ride:

Tired.  Maybe I should have slept another hour instead...
I'll bet they don't know their garage door is open.
Ugh, the lunatic-driver paper delivery guy is in the hood this morning.
Ew. Someone spilled gravel in random patches on this road. Not cool.
Wow, those garage lights are bright!  I love them!
I spy a person turning around in a neighbor's driveway...I wonder what they forgot....lunch?  Cell phone?  Coffee?  Kiss from their spouse?  I would totally go back home for that.
Pew. This loop smells like skunk.
Pew.  That cat smells like skunk.  Poor cat.
The crescent moon is so clear and bright this morning...and with Venus nearby...they look spectacular!
Lots of people (in cars) out early this morning.  I usually see maybe one or two cars before 6am.  Not 5!
There is a house for sale in the Party Hood!
Hmm...that house is dark except for the basement which leads me to wonder, did they forget to turn the lights off? Or is someone down there, up to no good...like chopping up a body?
Oops. It's 5:50 already! I have to go home. I shouldn't have hit the snooze this morning.
A person! (in their driveway picking up their lunatic-delivered newspaper)  Good morning, first-form-of-human-life I've seen this morning!
Ahh...that felt good.  Who needs an extra hour of sleep?  Not this girl!

Bike Ride:

How was your workout this morning?  Or this afternoon?  Or this evening?
Did you see and admire the crescent moon this morning?


  1. My workout...1200 yards in the pool at 7:00AM. Not as early as your workout, but still early. Oh...and I became friends with bilateral breathing after a long hate/hate relationshipt

    1. Nice job, Greg! I know you're not a morning person so 7am is early for you! Great job working on your breathing. Sometimes I wish I could swim...but not enough to change my doggy-paddling-side-clinging ways. ;)


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