Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Parents

"I really got to know my dad after he died."

She smiled as she said the words and went on to tell me how talking with and hearing stories told by his close friends at her dad's memorial helped her to know the fun, funny, adventurous, trouble-maker side of her father.

"How sad..." is what I thought to myself as I listened to her.  Such a shame that she didn't learn such things, that she couldn't enjoy his true self while he was alive.

I hope I never say such a thing about my parents.

My parents are my best friends.  It wasn't always that way. When I was a kid, they were my parents; exactly what they should have been. We got along well, but they were still parents. At that time, their job wasn't to be my friend. Now that I'm raised, (and just between me and you, I think they did a stand-up job with me) they can just be themselves.  (Although, I have to admit that occasionally I still get the stern "Jamie Lynn!" from my mom.)

The fact is, my parents are pretty awesome.  Randy, the kids and I go on vacations with them. Yes, they help out with the girls, but we really enjoy their company.  As a matter of fact, Randy and I started vacationing with them long before we had kids!
Vacation in Virginia Beach ~ 2011
My parents are fun and funny.  Randy and my dad refer to one another as their "drinking buddy" and my mom is always looking up new recipes for martinis that we have to try when we're together.  They're just easy to be with and talk to.  All too often, we stay up way past our bedtimes just sitting around the kitchen table chatting and when we plan our vacations, we pay careful attention to book accommodations that allow for our shenanigans after the little ladies go to bed (ie, not studio hotel rooms).

The four of us have a lot in common.  Randy and my dad love to cook, and they're really good at it.  Luckily, Mom and I love to eat!  And, oh boy, do we eat well when we're together.  We all have the same sense of humor and fun personalities and we enjoy some of the same activities.  No, my parents don't run, but not for my lack of trying!

I realize that not everyone has this type of relationship with their parents.  I have friends who talk to their parents every other week or so.  I talk to my mom at least twice a day.  Some might call it odd, I call it special.  Maybe it's because they're young, in their 50s, or maybe it's because they are just that awesome.

Someday, in the very, very, very distant future, my parents' friends will share stories and memories about them.  I don't want that to be the time I learn new things about them--about the real them.  I want to know and enjoy them now.


  1. Ok not gonna lie I am balling my eyes out now. I admire your relationship with your parents and from what I can remember they were always awesome! Your dad always made me laugh and your mom was so down to earth and easy to talk to. This whole post reminded me of my parents and how before my dad died Brett and I had the same type of relationship with them. Him and my dad were so close, close to the point that when my dad was saying his goodbyes he requested to talk to Brett alone. Unfortunately they shared more than beers and baseball games (which before they both got sick was what they did together). They were both diagnosed with cancer in the same month.
    I ALWAYS felt so lucky to have the parents I had as well. My mom and I used to be so close and my pappy just, well I can't even go into what he meant to me because I can't see anymore thru the tears :(
    Bottom line.....great post Jamie <3

    1. Thanks, Jan. Sorry it made you cry though!

  2. Great post, Jamie! I, too, have a fantastic adult relationship with my parents and glad you do too. I can only hope & pray that I have such a great relationship with my kids when they are adults.


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