Friday, August 24, 2012

Elizabeth Mary ~ Then and Now

It seems like just yesterday that we brought Baby Ellie home from the hospital.  We used to laugh that her pacifier was almost as big as her head.
She was so tiny in that car seat.

She was such a happy little chick.
Seven months old.
 She was always very affectionate too...
Yes, that is half of my face in her mouth.
Ellie's first birthday was bittersweet: baby-hood was coming to an end but toddler-hood promised to be exciting.
To be perfectly honest, I was pretty excited that I was able to keep her alive for a whole year.
Along with age two came little cherub cheeks and a hysterical personality.
Ellie was so excited to turn three.  Preschool would start at age three.  The only problem: her birthday is in March and preschool didn't start until September. (I can't believe how much she still looks like a baby in these pictures.  I didn't think she looked like a baby at the time.)

First day of three-year-old preschool.
Third birthday.
She was thrilled but I was sad when September finally came.  She would be away from me for three whole hours.  She loved preschool and that made leaving her there a little easier on me.
Fourth birthday.
First day of four-year-old preschool
The truth is, I love spending my days with my little ladies.  I'm not happy or relieved that school age is upon us and I can "get rid of them" for a while.  I don't want to get rid of them.  I feel sad when I hear other parents saying that they can't wait until school starts.  Why wish time away when it goes so fast?  In the blink of an eye, Ellie will be...what?  Driving?  Getting married?  Having babies of her own?
No.  She won't.
I refuse to think of it or allow it to happen.  She will be my sweet baby forever.
All joking aside, I like to enjoy what I have, when I have it.
Age 5
Waiting for the bus.
I can't believe she's in kindergarten already. (I can't believe I let my baby ride a bus!)

Randy makes fun of me for taking so many pictures.  I'll forget all the details if I don't document, document, document!

Here it comes!
Climbing the big steps.
There she goes.  My baby's first school bus ride.

I may, or may not, have followed her to school and walked her into the building.

When she came home three hours later, she was all smiles getting off the bus and telling me about her day as we walked up the driveway together.  She loved her first day of kindergarten, her teacher, the kids in her class, the playground....and I found myself wondering where my tiny baby went.  I swear she looks a little older than she did this morning.

Ellie-Bean, you are going to have a great kindergarten year, but seriously, kid, can we slow time down just a little?