Monday, August 27, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 3

This week started out a little rough.  I came down with a UTI on Sunday, so when I tried to run on Monday morning, the bouncing made me have to go to the bathroom.  I ran around the block back home, used the bathroom then went back out.  Ran a little, had to go, went around the block back home.  By then, I'd had enough.  What a bummer.

I couldn't get out of bed on Tuesday, so I changed my strength/cross train day into a rest day.  My body was exhausted and clearly needed a break.

Wednesday, I was feeling much better and was able to run (without running around the block to the bathroom--woohoo!).  Thursday I met the Turtle running group for 4 miles.  My awesome Turtle friend, Angela, said "Hey, Jamie, you're getting some arms!"

Highlight of my day.  It's so nice that my hard work is paying off and others are noticing!  Thanks, Ang! :-)

Saturday, I met two of my running friends, Anne and Angie at 5am.  My family had a busy day planned and I needed to get my 8 miles done and be home by 7.  Check! (And it was pain-free to boot!)

I got home, took a baby-wipe shower, change my clothes and Randy, the kids and I headed downtown for the Heart Walk.  With Randy pushing the Little Ladies in the double jogger, we walked the crowded streets of Columbus (very slowly) for 3 miles.  There was a Food Truck event at the Ohio History Center (we love our food trucks!) so after the Heart Walk, we headed to the trucks for lunch!

Yes, we followed up a walk for heart disease with fried food from a truck.  That's how we roll.  Then we all came home and took naps (after a real shower with running water, of course).

I did not run on Sunday, but I did get up at 5am to volunteer at water station #2 for the Emerald City Half and Quarter Marathon.  This was so much fun!  If you've never volunteered for a race, you are missing out; and if you think the races near you don't need your help, you're wrong.  Race directors can never have too much help and often times, the volunteers receive a free race entry to use in the future.
The volunteers at water station #2
Thanks to Rob for the picture!
Beth's sign was a huge hit with the runners! ("1% of runners poop their pants. We are the 99%")

Whew!  This turned out to be a super fun-busy week!

Week 3
Monday- Run: 1.01mi (fail)
Tuesday- Unplanned Rest Day
Wednesday- Run: 3.33mi
Thursday- Strength: Abs & Arms, Run: 4mi
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run: 8mi, Walk: 3mi
Sunday- Bike: 8.64mi
Total Mileage for Week 2- 27.98
Total Running Mileage- 16.34

How did YOUR training go this week?
Have you ever volunteered for a race?  This was my first!  What was your experience?


  1. Nice week! That sucks about the UTI, I'm glad you recovered and your long run went great.

    And, for the record, I loved your water stop at Emerald City!

    1. Thanks, Mandy! It was so fun seeing lots of runner-friends at Emerald City. :)


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