Monday, August 20, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 2

I knew this week was going to be a light week as far as mileage goes.  Randy had to travel for work Wednesday through Sunday so my last early morning run of the week was Wednesday.  I took the little ladies to Michigan to visit my parents for the weekend. 

Aw, how sweet, I went to visit my parents. 

I had an ulterior motive.  The selfish reason behind the Michigan visit was so I could get out for my long run on Saturday.  Thankfully, my parents don't mind my using them as childcare occasionally.

When I'm in Michigan, I usually run the six-mile loop (over and over, depending on what I'm training for) at Stony Creek Metropark.  Stony Creek has a beautiful paved path that loops a lake. (see pictures) The Metroparks in the Detroit area are not free to use like they are in Columbus.  I pay $5 to use the path when I visit.  Sure, I could run the roads for free, but then I have to worry about cars and I have to stop for traffic...not to mention there is nothing interesting to look at.  It's worth my five bucks to go.

Friday morning, I took the Little Ladies to play at Dodge Park located five minutes from my parents' house. 

I noticed that there was a gravel path that looped around a pond there.  Hmm....maybe I can get my six miles in at this park instead of driving the twenty minutes to Stony Creek?  I saw an older gentleman walking the path and asked him how long the loop was: about a mile and a half.  I'd have to run a bunch of times around, but that's ok.  I decided to try something new.

I went to the park shortly after sunrise on Saturday morning and made my way down the half paved/half gravel path toward the pond and I saw a bridge that looked like it went into the woods.  Curiosity got the best of me and over the bridge and into the woods I went.

I was thrilled at what I found: a paved path that ran along the Clinton River! 

I turned left first and ran.  I'll admit, I was a little jumpy.  I'd never been there before and there wasn't another soul in sight.  I heard a noise in the woods next to me and I clicked my pepper spray, that was strapped to my hand, to the unlocked position and looked around searching for my stalker.


Nice, Jamie.  Way to keep it together.

I ran as far as the M-53 overpass (just over a mile). Overpasses freak me out a little, and I wasn't feeling very comfortable in my new surroundings as it was so I decided to turn around and explore the other end.

Here are some views on my way back:
How is it that I lived 5 minutes from this view until I was 24 years old and NEVER knew it was here?!

Why, hello, riverfront house with awesome windows!  I love you.
I ran all the way down to the south end trail head and turned around to come back to Dodge Park.  I was about a half of a mile from the bridge that would take me back to Dodge Park and I saw a couple, who had been walking, stopped and looking into the woods.  I slowed to a walk as I suspected they were looking at deer and I didn't want to scare it/them away.  So glad I did.  This big guy posed for me while I took a few pictures.

Isn't he gorgeous?
By the time I got back to the park, I had run 5 miles.  I did a loop around the pond and wandered around a bit for a total of 7.25 miles when I got back to my car.  What an awesome run.

Week 2-
Monday- Run: 4.04mi
Tuesday- Bike: 8.67mi
Wednesday- Run: 6mi
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Strength: Abs and Arms with Mommy!
Saturday- Run: 7.25mi
Sunday- Rest
Total Miles: 25.96
Total Running Miles: 17.29

How is your training going?  What week are you on?  What are you training for?