Monday, August 13, 2012

Columbus Half Marathon Training: Week 1

WOOT!  Week 1 is in the bag! 

I have to say: a few weeks ago, I didn't know if I'd ever get to write this post.  The hip flexor strain was seriously cramping my style and bringing me down.  I still feel it every once in a while, usually when I'm carrying a child (which I've been trying not to do).  I have not been feeling any pain during a run, after a run or the next day.  I still foam-roll and ice after every workout and I'll continue to do so for quite some time.

I'm afraid of speed and hills, both of which I need to do, both of which could set my hip back.

You could say I'm in a quandary.

I'm happy thrilled ecstatic to report that this week went well.
On Saturday, I got to run with a few of my running friends.  I was super excited to run with Anne again.  I haven't run with her in a long time.  I also got to run with two other Ragnar teammates, Andrea and Greg.

Anne's training plan called for a 5K race plus several slower miles, so, on my bike, I marked a 5K course at a local metro park and we raced!  Well, Anne raced, I ran a much slower 5K with Andrea:
Mile 1- 10:29
Mile 2- 10:39
Mile 3- 10:23
Last .1- 8:53 <-- so much for slow, we got a little excited when we saw Anne cheering for us at the finish line!
Finish- 32:20 <--- 5 seconds slower than my Dash for Donation 5K time

Personally, I think every race should end in a bright pink smiley face.
Thanks, Anne, for remembering to take a picture!
After the "race", Anne and I ran another three and a half miles and were joined by Greg for a bit.  Such a fun morning!

I'm so happy to be able to run with my friends again!

Week 1-
Monday- Strength: abs & arms
Tuesday- Run: 3.5mi
Wednesday- Bike: 10.65mi (read random thoughts)
Thursday- Strength: abs & arms, Run: 3.67mi
Friday- rest
Saturday- Bike: 5.15mi, Run: 3.1mi, Run: 3.53mi
Sunday- Family bike ride: 4.16mi
Total Miles: 33.76
Total Running Miles: 13.8

What a kick-ass week!

How is your training going?


  1. WTG Jamie!! :) Good news on the hip flexor!!


  2. Thats awesome news Jamie. 13 miles is pretty good for week 1 training.

    1. Thanks, Andy! Hopefully the hip continues to tolerate increasing the mileage...


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