Sunday, July 15, 2012

July #AbsChallenge Week 2


Week 2 went well.  I still have to modify something every day because of my injured hip, but I haven't missed a day!  I've worked up to doing 2 sets most days and I'm still planning to repeat the challenge in August with at least 3 sets. (Baby steps.)

What I like most about this challenge: every day there are new exercises so there's no getting bored with it!

What I like least about this challenge: every day there are new exercises so I can't repeat the exercises I really like.  I'm making a list of y favorites--the one that really make me work--so I can incorporate them into other workouts when the challenge is over.

I keep saying how much I like Susan.  She's so realistic; she understands that we don't all have abs like hers.  Many of the exercises this week has beginner and advanced variations and Susan encourages us to work at our own level and decrease the reps as necessary.

If you're not joining me yet, what are you waiting for?!  You can start today! (Click here for daily videos.)  Even with my modifications and decreased sets, I'm seeing results. I'm fully expecting to have abs like Susan's in 15 days.  HA!  :-)

Do it!  Do it!  You won't be sorry.


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