Friday, July 6, 2012

July Abs Challnege: Week 1

Oh my gosh, I'm loving this challenge.  My abs are sore and it's glorious!
I have had to modify or omit something every day because of my hip, but I'm still trying.

Day 4 was a rest day. (That, I can handle!)  In day 4's video, Susan gives some exercises and diet tips to help us through the challenge.  She talks about rest days and how important they are; she says to take extra rest days if we feel our bodies need it. (It's like she's a real human being!)  She also admits that this challenge is an advanced workout and that beginners probably should reduce the number of reps and sets. (Isn't that what I said right at the beginning?  It's like we're twins!)

I was saddened but not surprised that Swedish Fish were not included in Susan's list of healthy foods.  What's even more unfortunate: she says we need to limit the alcohol consumption. (Horrors!)

Clearly, she's a quack.

Kidding. I really like her and her philosophy.  And I really like that when she demonstrates the exercises, she gets all out of breath.  Again, it's like she's a real human being!

I took her up on the extra rest day option.  On day 5, I was still sore--even after the rest day on day 4--but it was back to business on day 6.  Scorpions were part of the day 6 workout and they hurt my hip so I ended up doing day 5 plus one of the exercises and the cardio exercise of day 6.  It's all about improvising, right?

How is YOUR #AbsChallenge going?