Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July!!!

Woohoo!  It's July!  In case you couldn't tell, I love July.  It's my favorite month of the year.  It could be my favorite month because I said "I do" to my awesome husband in July...I also found out I was pregnant for my first baby in second niece was born in July...but really, it's my favorite month because I took my very first breath smack dab in the middle of July.  Yes, folks, I graced the world with my presence 33 years ago this month.

I love birthdays--any reason to celebrate, actually--and I don't have any problems with age, or getting older because every year just gets better.  Happy July, everyone!  I invite you to celebrate with me all month long--no gifts necessary.  ;)

My first order of celebration-business was day 1 of the July Abs Challenge.  Here is the video for day 1:

Holy moly, it's not just an ab workout--it's a full body workout!

Disclaimer: First and foremost in life, I am a mom and I need to be able to take care of my children.  I can't afford to be too sore to function.  Second, I'm an injured runner and I will alter or skip parts of these exercises that may cause me a setback and delay the start of my training.

After one set of these exercises, I decided that I'd only be doing one set today.  Also, I omitted the jump rope for today.  It's a rest day and my hip needed the break.  I did, however, add the exercises from the physical therapist.  Nice rest day, huh?  Abs, arms and PT.

I will be shooting for 2 sets tomorrow.  I will probably not get up to 4 sets this month, but I'm thinking about starting over in August with 4 sets.  For someone who isn't used to this intense of a workout, I think doing all 4 sets from the get-go is asking for trouble.

All that being said, I still fully expect to have abs that look like Susan's at the end of this month.  Perfectly reasonable, I think.

Did you start the July Abs Challenge today?  What did you think?  Are your shoulders complaining too?