Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dash for Donation 5k Race Recap

My first ever 5k!  Yes, two months after my second marathon.  It seems silly, doesn't it?  There really is a good explanation: I've been too busy enjoying the longer distances.

Finally, the time has come...and I'm injured.  Not.Cool.  My hip was sore all week last week and I really wasn't looking forward to this race.  I wanted nothing more than to let loose and really race, but I didn't even think I was going to be able to run the whole thing and that totally bummed me out.

The Dash for Donation is a race to raise funds and awareness for organ donation.  I ran as part of a team: Team Superman.  The captain of our team is an organ recipient we ran in honor of his donor and his donor's family (who were also on the team).
The capes were pretty awesome.
Kate and I planned to stick together for the race.  If I needed to walk, we'd walk.  We had no expectations when we started.
Super Jamie!
Kate and I before the start
We started off nice and slow--we really didn't have any other option.  There were no corrals and no pacers, so everyone just started.  Lots of walkers in the front of the pack.  Most of the second mile was downhill so we naturally picked up the pace for that.  Around a mile and a half, we saw the winners of the race on the way back.  They were flying!  The guy who took first place finished in 16:19.

Every once in a while, Kate would ask "Are you OK? Do you need to walk?"  I was OK and didn't need to walk.  Right before mile 3, there was a hill to climb--OK, this is Columbus, our hills aren't anything spectacular, but I haven't been running much and when I have run, it's been in my very flat neighborhood.  I told Kate that I might have to walk the hill, but when we got to the hill, I powered up it without a problem.  I was so thrilled!  We sprinted to the finish line and our official time was 32:15.

This was the best run I've had in a long time.  What a nice surprise.

Over All Placing: 708/2639

Mile 1- 10:41
Mile 2- 10:19
Mile 3- 10:12
Last .13mi- 8:04


  1. So glad you enjoyed your first 5k! You'll race the next one, FAST!

  2. Thanks for coming to the Dash for Donation! Hope to see you again next year.

    - Rachel Lewis
    Media Relations
    Lifeline of Ohio


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