Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Thoughts for Thursday

Random thoughts from my bike ride this morning...

Holy hell, it's hot out here.
It's really dark too.  No moon...
I'm hungrier than usual.  Strange.
At least there's a breeze...
Wow.  My inner thighs are not happy about the squats we did yesterday. (And by "we" I, of course, mean me and my thighs.)
Kitty, get out of the road! (at least it's not a skunk, right?)
The paper delivery guy drives like a lunatic!
I forgot to eat my fruit snacks before I left this morning!  No wonder I'm so hungry!
Pulling over for a sip of water is getting old.  I really need to learn to drink and ride at the same time.
Cracks, shadows and little pot holes all look the same in the dark.
Venus looks gigantic this morning.  If only she were bright enough to illuminate the potholes so I would stop riding over them.
Kitty, really.  Get out of the road.
I'm glad I didn't see that bug that just bounced off of my chest.  It felt really big.
Hey look!  There's a runner!  No kidding!  A real live person!
Too bad I have to go home...this feels good.

11.4 miles

How was your workout this morning?
Yes, I realize that some people, strange as it may be, don't workout at the crack of dawn.  In that case:
How was your workout this afternoon/evening? Weirdo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dash for Donation 5k Race Recap

My first ever 5k!  Yes, two months after my second marathon.  It seems silly, doesn't it?  There really is a good explanation: I've been too busy enjoying the longer distances.

Finally, the time has come...and I'm injured.  Not.Cool.  My hip was sore all week last week and I really wasn't looking forward to this race.  I wanted nothing more than to let loose and really race, but I didn't even think I was going to be able to run the whole thing and that totally bummed me out.

The Dash for Donation is a race to raise funds and awareness for organ donation.  I ran as part of a team: Team Superman.  The captain of our team is an organ recipient we ran in honor of his donor and his donor's family (who were also on the team).
The capes were pretty awesome.
Kate and I planned to stick together for the race.  If I needed to walk, we'd walk.  We had no expectations when we started.
Super Jamie!
Kate and I before the start
We started off nice and slow--we really didn't have any other option.  There were no corrals and no pacers, so everyone just started.  Lots of walkers in the front of the pack.  Most of the second mile was downhill so we naturally picked up the pace for that.  Around a mile and a half, we saw the winners of the race on the way back.  They were flying!  The guy who took first place finished in 16:19.

Every once in a while, Kate would ask "Are you OK? Do you need to walk?"  I was OK and didn't need to walk.  Right before mile 3, there was a hill to climb--OK, this is Columbus, our hills aren't anything spectacular, but I haven't been running much and when I have run, it's been in my very flat neighborhood.  I told Kate that I might have to walk the hill, but when we got to the hill, I powered up it without a problem.  I was so thrilled!  We sprinted to the finish line and our official time was 32:15.

This was the best run I've had in a long time.  What a nice surprise.

Over All Placing: 708/2639

Mile 1- 10:41
Mile 2- 10:19
Mile 3- 10:12
Last .13mi- 8:04

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Sad Goodbye and an Abs Challenge Fail

Whew!  It's been a busy week: some good, some bad, lots of tears--of both sadness and hysterical laughter. 

My Meme passed away last Wednesday.  She had been suffering in her last few weeks.  We were praying for her to go to a better place, yet when it actually happened, it was still a shock.  I know my whole family felt relief that Meme was no longer in pain, but that didn't take away any of the sadness of our loss.

Luckily, Randy was on vacation last week and could be home with the little ladies, so I was able to fly to Massachusetts for the funeral.  I wasn't sure I wanted to go...I thought that I wanted to remember Meme alive, smiling and spunky.  It was an emotional weekend and I'm completely exhausted from all the highs and lows, but I'm glad I went.  I needed to be there.

Maybe in a few days I'll write more about the experience, but I'm not ready yet.

I only ran once while I was in MA and completely neglected my Abs Challenge, but now that I'm back home, I'm right back on track.

Meme and I in 2004.  This is the last picture I have of the two of us.  After the little ladies were born, I was more focused on taking pictures of them with Meme.

October 2011

Monday, July 16, 2012

Food Trucks and Tall Buildings

There was a Food Truck event in Columbus last Friday.  Randy had the day off so we decided to go early to beat the after-work dinner crowd.  I was so excited about this even and I talked about it for days.  It didn't disappoint.

The Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest took place at the Columbus Commons downtown from 12-10pm on Friday, July 13, 2012. Every time I looked up the map for Foot Truck Fest, I drooled just a little.

The Map for the July 13, 2012 Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest

I was hungry when we arrived, but I wanted to walk around to check out all of my options before I chose my perfect lunch.
Columbus Commons

I ended up ordering a Po' Boy fish sandwich from U Ate Yet

I was too busy devouring stuffing my face enjoying my sandwich to take a picture, but here is one I borrowed from their website:
Oh yum.
Randy got the sweet potato fries from Tatoheads.  I snagged a few; they were excellent and the dipping sauce had us arguing over who got the lick the little cup.  Randy also got a slice of spicy pepperoni pizza from Mikey's Late Night Slice.

Since we went to the Food Truck Fest around 1:30pm, the little ladies had already eaten lunch--parenting tip: n.e.v.e.r. bring hungry children out in public.  It will only end badly.  You're welcome.--but they did get to have some dessert from Go Cupcake.  I may or may not have also had a cupcake.

The Commons has a carousel that the little ladies enjoyed (twice).  They thought this carousel was fun because the animals to ride on are not just horses.

Ellie has been asking lately to see skyscrapers so after we stuffed our bellies, twirled on the carousel and listened to good music by local musicians, we walked around downtown checking out the tall buildings.
They loved that when we walked between the buildings, their voices echoed.

Woa, that's a tall building.

Such a fun afternoon, and we even made it home before rush hour!  Great start to my birthday weekend!

Did you go visit the Food Trucks on Friday?
Would you eat anything prepared in a truck?  Once upon a time, I would have said no.  Watching Randy's shows on the Food Network has made me a little more adventurous.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July #AbsChallenge Week 2


Week 2 went well.  I still have to modify something every day because of my injured hip, but I haven't missed a day!  I've worked up to doing 2 sets most days and I'm still planning to repeat the challenge in August with at least 3 sets. (Baby steps.)

What I like most about this challenge: every day there are new exercises so there's no getting bored with it!

What I like least about this challenge: every day there are new exercises so I can't repeat the exercises I really like.  I'm making a list of y favorites--the one that really make me work--so I can incorporate them into other workouts when the challenge is over.

I keep saying how much I like Susan.  She's so realistic; she understands that we don't all have abs like hers.  Many of the exercises this week has beginner and advanced variations and Susan encourages us to work at our own level and decrease the reps as necessary.

If you're not joining me yet, what are you waiting for?!  You can start today! (Click here for daily videos.)  Even with my modifications and decreased sets, I'm seeing results. I'm fully expecting to have abs like Susan's in 15 days.  HA!  :-)

Do it!  Do it!  You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Random thoughts from my bike ride this morning...

I hate garbage day.
It is really hard to exhale while riding past every garbage can when the driveways are only 20 feet apart.
There are a lot more cars than usual, why is everyone up so early?
I smell skunk. I hope I don't see skunk.
Waffles or left over Chinese food for breakfast?
How many laps was that?
I hope Aleena doesn't freak out when it's time for x rays this afternoon.
Is that a cat? I hope it's a cat.
I should get some riding gloves.
I wonder if they know their garage door is open.
Ugh. I forgot there are wet towels in the washing machine.
I wish I was was running.
I'm hungry.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, July 6, 2012

July Abs Challnege: Week 1

Oh my gosh, I'm loving this challenge.  My abs are sore and it's glorious!
I have had to modify or omit something every day because of my hip, but I'm still trying.

Day 4 was a rest day. (That, I can handle!)  In day 4's video, Susan gives some exercises and diet tips to help us through the challenge.  She talks about rest days and how important they are; she says to take extra rest days if we feel our bodies need it. (It's like she's a real human being!)  She also admits that this challenge is an advanced workout and that beginners probably should reduce the number of reps and sets. (Isn't that what I said right at the beginning?  It's like we're twins!)

I was saddened but not surprised that Swedish Fish were not included in Susan's list of healthy foods.  What's even more unfortunate: she says we need to limit the alcohol consumption. (Horrors!)

Clearly, she's a quack.

Kidding. I really like her and her philosophy.  And I really like that when she demonstrates the exercises, she gets all out of breath.  Again, it's like she's a real human being!

I took her up on the extra rest day option.  On day 5, I was still sore--even after the rest day on day 4--but it was back to business on day 6.  Scorpions were part of the day 6 workout and they hurt my hip so I ended up doing day 5 plus one of the exercises and the cardio exercise of day 6.  It's all about improvising, right?

How is YOUR #AbsChallenge going?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Caution: this post has nothing to do with running and everything to do with cuteness.  You've been warned.

A couple of weekends ago, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my three nieces (ages 2, 4 and 6) came to visit us for a ladies weekend. Randy, in an effort to preserve his sanity, left town for the weekend. We 8 ladies had a great time together.
The little ladies at Graeter's after eating half of their ice cream.  They wore the other half.

Wild ladies at the zoo.
We had a great weekend, that is, until Aleena fell and hurt her arm.  She cried for a long time, she wouldn't move it, she freaked out when I touched it and she sat with ice on it and never wanted to get up to play.  All you parents out there know that a kid must really be hurt if they'll actually sit with ice.

Off to Children's Urgent Care we went.  We had a bunch of x-rays which she screamed through because 1) I had to touch her arm, and 2) she had to move it.

It wasn't cool.

The doc pronounced her "not broken" and said she had Nursemaid's Elbow.  A tendon moved from where it was supposed to be.  He twisted her arm to pop it back in.  I had to hold her down; more screaming.

It wasn't cool.

Doc left us for about 20 minutes then came back to check on her.  Generally, kids with Nursemaid's Elbow are good as new about a half hour after having it fixed.  Aleena still refused to move or use her arm and hand.  I was given instructions to follow up with our pediatrician on Monday (this happened on a Saturday night).
Ready to leave Urgent Care
On Monday, she still wasn't using her arm and was still freaking out when we touched her fingers, hand or any part of her arm.  Our pediatrician sent us to an orthopedic surgeon at Nationwide Children's Hospital. (Wait, isn't that the name of the marathon I'm running in October?  Yes, yes it is.  Hey!  Check that out, this post is now about running.  Amazing how that works.)
Still won't use her arm, but pudding sure does help.
We saw the ortho on Tuesday, got another x-ray of her elbow.  The doc couldn't see any fractures, but he said that if there is a tiny crack, it won't necessarily show up on the x-ray until it starts to heal.  He also said that kids are smarter than adults.  If something hurts, they won't use it.  He has to assume that something is wrong with Aleena's arm since, three days after the trauma, she still won't use it.  He suspects a tiny fracture in her elbow and she was sent home with this snazzy hard splint to wear for 2 weeks. 

After 2 weeks, she will have more x-rays and they will be able to see if the bone has new growth (healing a fracture). If there is no new growth, we'll be sent on our merry way to resume life as normal. If there is new growth, she may get another hard splint.  By the way, the difference between a full cast and a hard splint: the hard splint is made of half of a cast and ace bandage and doesn't require a saw for removal.  The hard splint can not be removed for baths or other water activities, just like a cast.
Once she got that bad boy, she started using her arm again.  She said it felt so much better because she wasn't able to move it.  One week later, she's back to her normal self.  The only things she can't do with the splint are wash her hands and pull up her pants.  It's been really hot outside, so we've been playing inside so Aleena doesn't overheat.  To be continued...


Not to be outdone, Ellie is having a little bit of drama of her own:  her first loose tooth!

She is so excited about it, she's been running around the house yelling "woohoo!" then stopping to wiggle it.  She has made me, Randy and Aleena wiggle it and she even told the dog all about it.
"I really love my loose tooth!"
These little ladies sure are keeping me on my toes.


Have you ever broken a bone?  Have your kids?  I broke my ankle twice and my foot once, all between the ages of 17 and 21, all gymnastics-related.  It sucked, but it's much harder when my kid is hurt.
What's the going rate for a tooth these days?  I used to get a dollar from the Tooth Fairy for my teeth.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

I celebrated my independence with a 9.5 mile bike ride on this gorgeous morning...

I got to watch the moon set.

I got to watch the sun rise.

How are you celebrating your freedom today?  Whatever your plans, be safe, friends.

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Challenge Recap

The end of June brought the end of the June challenge.  It also brought an end to the first half of the year.  At the beginning of this year, I decided that my goal would be to run 1,000 miles in 2012.  I was so close last year, only about 20 miles short.  I'm happy to report that I'm on track with 562 running miles so far this year.  Now back to the Challenge...

I have to say, the AMR June Challenge was pretty awesome.  I managed to get in at least 5 workouts every week.  Sadly, most were not running, but according to Dailymile, I got more running mileage in than I thought.

Total Miles in June- 98
Running Miles- 30 (includes run/walks)
Walking Miles- 12
Biking Miles- 56

I also did countless abs, back, hip and butt exercises.

I have so earned that bumper sticker.

How did your June Challenge go?

Another Mother Runner Challenge June 2012

<> </>

Walk 1.8mi
Bike 3.38
Bike 4.45mi
Abs & Arms
2.81mi run/walk
2.23 run/walk
Pub run 2.54
Bike 2.44 mi
3 mi run/walk
Bike 7.37 mi
Bike 3.39mi
Walk 1.79mi
Arms, abs, hips
Stretch/foam roll
Run/walk 2.25mi
Walk 3mi
Bike 9.3mi
Bike 12.8mi
RUN!  1.8mi
Bike 2.37mi
Abs, arms, hips
Stretch/foam roll
Run/walk 3.3mi
RUN!  2mi
Quick abs & squats
RUN! 3.38mi
RUN! 3.26mi
Walk 1.81mi
Abs, squats, clams, plank
Bike 6.02mi
Walk 1.31mi
Speed walk 4mi
PT 30 min
RUN! 2.64mi
Bike 4.87mi

City, state:
How badass you feel on June 1st:
How badass you feel on June 30th:

Injured, but pretty freaking badass
Still injured, but pretty freaking badass!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July!!!

Woohoo!  It's July!  In case you couldn't tell, I love July.  It's my favorite month of the year.  It could be my favorite month because I said "I do" to my awesome husband in July...I also found out I was pregnant for my first baby in second niece was born in July...but really, it's my favorite month because I took my very first breath smack dab in the middle of July.  Yes, folks, I graced the world with my presence 33 years ago this month.

I love birthdays--any reason to celebrate, actually--and I don't have any problems with age, or getting older because every year just gets better.  Happy July, everyone!  I invite you to celebrate with me all month long--no gifts necessary.  ;)

My first order of celebration-business was day 1 of the July Abs Challenge.  Here is the video for day 1:

Holy moly, it's not just an ab workout--it's a full body workout!

Disclaimer: First and foremost in life, I am a mom and I need to be able to take care of my children.  I can't afford to be too sore to function.  Second, I'm an injured runner and I will alter or skip parts of these exercises that may cause me a setback and delay the start of my training.

After one set of these exercises, I decided that I'd only be doing one set today.  Also, I omitted the jump rope for today.  It's a rest day and my hip needed the break.  I did, however, add the exercises from the physical therapist.  Nice rest day, huh?  Abs, arms and PT.

I will be shooting for 2 sets tomorrow.  I will probably not get up to 4 sets this month, but I'm thinking about starting over in August with 4 sets.  For someone who isn't used to this intense of a workout, I think doing all 4 sets from the get-go is asking for trouble.

All that being said, I still fully expect to have abs that look like Susan's at the end of this month.  Perfectly reasonable, I think.

Did you start the July Abs Challenge today?  What did you think?  Are your shoulders complaining too?