Friday, June 29, 2012

July Abs Challenge! latest email from Amanda of Run to the Finish talked about a July 30 day challenge.  With my June Challenge coming to an end, I'm looking for another to keep me moving in July.  Viola!  An abs challenge!  Perfect!


Unlike other challenges I've participated in the past, this challenge has different workouts every day.  Here's what you have to do:
  • watch the Strong Like Susan daily videos on YouTube.
  • do the exercises she demonstrates
  • if you're on Twitter, tweet your progress with the #AbsChallenge hashtag
  • if you're so inclined, follow Amanda on Twitter
  • hey, follow me too!
This challenge will take a little more forethought since I'll have to watch the videos every night so I know what to do the next morning.  I took a peek at some of the videos already...the exercises where you move your legs all around while in a plank position kind of make me nervous about hurting my hip.  I'm going to try all of the exercises every day and if an exercise aggravates it, I'll do another exercise in place of that one.


Speaking of my hip....

I had my first appointment with the physical therapist on Tuesday: it went well...ish.  Brent, the PT, agrees with my doctor's diagnosis: a strained hip flexor...or a few strained hip flexors.  He said this type of injury can take up to 12 weeks to completely go away, but obviously, it's already on its way to healing.  He found the sore spots in my hip and gave them a deep tissue massage.  Holy cow.  It hurt.  He also prescribed hip stretches, squats and clams.  He also said that I could continue running as long as I was smart about it.  Stick to short distances and don't run when it hurts.  When I see him this afternoon, we will have a clarification discussion to define "long distance".  A distance runner doesn't think of 6-8 miles as a long distance, but a non-runner would think 2 miles is a long distance.  At the end of my Cleveland training, I referred to my first taper run as "only 16 miles".  I'm pretty sure Brent did not have 16 miles in mind when he said "short distance". ;)


Will you participate in the July Abs Challenge with me?