Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yea...about that...

So...yesterday, I posted about needing the Another Mother Runner's June Challenge because I don't have a race to train for...

Well, that's not accurate information anymore.

I'm still doing the June Challenge, but....

Wait for it....

Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon

I registered for the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon! October 21, mark your calendars!

Why did I register for another marathon?  No, I don't feel the need to have a redemption race after my Cleveland disaster.  No, I didn't have extra cash burning a hole in my pocket. (Although, that would be a lovely problem to have....)

I registered because I want to.  That's the only reason I have.  This is kind of news to me: I love marathons.  I love pretty much everything about them (although I could do without chaffing).  I love waking up at before the crack of dawn to run, especially with my friends.  I love obsessing about meals, outfits, hydration, fueling and pooping.  I love training plans.  I love the feeling of strength and determination--feeling like I can conquer anything that comes my way.  I love running 19 miles and wanting so badly to stop but knowing I won't until I get to 20.  Even if it means

I've registered for two marathons before this one.  Both times when I clicked that little register button, I was terrified.  Deer in headlights.  On the verge of vomiting. (I'm pretty sure all of that is normal, by the way...)

This time, it was completely different.  I have butterflies.  I'm excited.  I'm thrilled!  I can't wait to tell everyone.  I can't wait to start training!  I can't wait for October!

Are you doing anything cool this fall?


  1. I'm registered for my 2nd Marathon this fall as well (Denver RnR). Looking for some races to feel in the gap this summer. As for chaffing, I use either Mission Care or Body Glide. Apply liberally!!! Seriously, I haven't had issues since.

    1. Sounds fun, Jim! Yep, I jumped on the Body Glide bandwagon during Cleveland training. Big help. :)

  2. So glad you're going to be running this one with me! Would be great knowing you were waiting at just the right spot and cheering, but training will be much more fun if you're along for the "ride"!

    1. Woohoo! I can't wait! Now for this hip thing to vanish...

  3. That's awesome! We're training for the same race then!

    1. I kinda figured RunDMC would take over the race... ;)


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