Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preparing the Essentials

What is the most important part of preparing for a race?  The attire, of course!

Last weekend I tested out my race outfit.  Before even looking at the picture, I'll bet you can guess what color I'll be wearing...

Of course it's pink!
Please don't mind the bathroom-self-portrait.  This picture was taken on Saturday at 5:45am.  I'm pretty sure Randy would not have appreciated me waking him up to take a picture of my awesome sparkly skirt.  And after 16 miles in that crazy humidity (when everything went splat on the bathroom floor) was also not a good time for a photo.

A friend of mine made the skirt, I'm wearing running shorts from RoadRunner Sports underneath and the shirt (that just happens to have stitching that matches my skirt!) is by Solomon and I found it at  If it's going to be cooler than 50 degrees on race day (here's hoping!), I'll wear black capris under the skirt.

You may be thinking:  OMG!  The shirt is black!  Is she crazy?!  It will be too hot!
The answer is:  Duh.  Yes, I'm crazy.  I'm preparing for a MARATHON.  Sane people just don't do that. (no offense to the rest of you crazies)
Seriously though, the shirt is really lightweight and super thin, I'm hoping its breathability (is that a word?) makes up for its dark color.

Other than looking super cute (and I suppose being comfortable) being brightly colored to attract attention is also very important on race day when you're just one in a sea of thousands.  My family will be able to see this bright pink sparkly skirt coming at them from a mile away.  I will also have a hot pink hat.  It's brand new, hasn't hit stores yet, but I pre-ordered it and will hopefully have it before the race.  My fingers are tightly crossed.

Not only do you have to carefully choose your outfit, you also have to make sure it's comfortable enough to run a ridiculous number of miles in.  I wore mine for 16 miles on Saturday.  It's safe to assume that I was the only one at the park running in sparkles.  I'd also go as far to assume that some of the other park goers were a bit taken aback by my snazzy getup.  Perhaps they had visions of me sashaying off to the prom when I finished running in circles for three hours.

Like I said:  my family won't be able to miss me on race day.

What are YOU wearing on race day?
Do you wear your race outfit ahead of time?  I know that some people don't.  I just can't take that chance.


  1. I love the outfit!!! Pink and sparkly - my favorite!

  2. From one crazy "must have the right race outfit" girl to another. WELL DONE!!! Bad a$$ with just the right amount of sparkle. It will go well with your 26.2 Bling!!!

  3. LOVE IT!! Pink and sparkly...a good outfit is as important as training, especially for those race photos!! Looking good Girl!

  4. My green hat was tested before the half and part of the reason I chose that color was to stand out. The t-shirt wasn't worn before the race though. No chafing problems but it did get soaking wet from sweating all morning (but I think any shirt would have done)

  5. Jamie you would be proud. Tried out race shorts yesterday! They were awesome. Now fir the perfect tank.


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