Friday, May 25, 2012

June Challenge and a Diva

Marathon training is over and I don't have any big races to train for until Ragnar Tennessee, in November.  That could make for a lazy summer...then I read about the Another Mother Runner Challenge.  YES!  I have a reason to make another training plan!  I thrive on structure.  If I have a plan written, it gets done.  If I have a list, I cross things off...except dusting the family room...that never seems to get crossed off the list.  I hate to dust just as much as I love lists.

Anyway, the Another Mother Runner Challenge is a commitment to working out (not limited to running) 5 days a week.  All you have to do is go to Another Mother Runner's Blog Post,  print out this document:

fill it in with your training plans and do it!  You can also visit the AMR Connect Forum to hold yourself accountable.

At the end of June, email a picture of your completed plan to the ladies of Another Mother Runner and they'll send you a bumper sticker!
Yup, all of that work for a bumper sticker.  I'm easy like that.


Speaking of easy...(kidding)...Thursday night was Diva Night at Fleet Feet Sports.  We lady runners got all gussied up to hang out at.....the running store?  Yup.  What a fun night!  Munchies, wine, discounts in the store, raffles and a fashion show!  Guess who got to be a model...go ahead, guess...  ME!  I'm not exactly model material with my not-so-tall stature and my, of all things dessert, but it was super fun to model running clothes.
Shaking my sh*t on the runway in a NON-PINK Nike outfit.
After the fashion show, we put our dresses and heels back on.  Good times....
That's me in the pink.  Of course.


  1. So great to meet you in person last night!!

    1. You too, Kim! I feel like I "know" a lot of the DMCers but I haven't met most in person!


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