Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coolest Tea Party

One of Ellie's little friends had a birthday party on Sunday.  When I received the invitation a few weeks ago, I had never heard of the venue so I googled it and was amazed.  I had no idea we had anything like this place in the Columbus area.

What place, you ask?

The Glass Slipper in Powell.
Picture from Google
After reading about them on their website, I couldn't wait for this party!  The Glass Slipper specializes in tea parties, whether it be a birthday party for a child or a wedding or baby shower for women. 

A princess tea party for five year olds; could this be any cooler?!

After lunch on Sunday, I got Ellie dressed in a snazzy sundress just perfect for a tea party and off we went.

The house is adorable both inside and out.  There was a cheese, cracker and fruit tray set up in the front room for the adults and the girls were all gathering at the dining table coloring pictures of Cinderella waiting for everyone to arrive.

Once the whole party was present, we all went upstairs.  The upstairs room is a pink princess wonderland.  Every girl, both the little ones and the moms who stuck around oohed and ahhed when we walked into the pink dress up room.  There were tons of dress up clothes, hats, tiaras, jewelry, oh my!
Seriously.  How awesome is THIS?!

The outfit that Ellie chose.

Playing a game.
The girls ate snacks and drank pink tea (pink lemonade) using real tea cups and saucers with cloth napkins and everything!  The Glass Slipper provided the birthday cake from Bachman's Cake Shoppe, a local bakery.  I got to have a piece; it was delicious.

Overall, this might have been the most magical birthday party we've ever been to.  It was a beautifully run party right down to the crafts the girls made after they ate their cake.

When booking a party, the parent doesn't have to plan a thing! (Better yet, they have no mess to clean after the party is over!)  The Glass Slipper takes care of the following:
  • tea party
  • cake
  • favor bags
  • craft
  • snacks (we had fruit kabobs and chocolate chip muffins)
They will also provide invitations and a cheese/fruit/cracker tray for the adults for an extra charge.

All that being said, as you can imagine, parties are not cheap.  Party packages start at $279 for 10 children, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend it!  Such a great time for the kiddos (and the big kids too!).

Have you ever been to The Glass Slipper?
For those not in the Columbus area: do you have anything like this near you?

I was not compensated, not was I asked to write a review for The Glass Slipper.  All opinions are my own.