Monday, May 7, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training: Week 17

Well, week 17 started out great and ended not so great...

Tuesday, I got myself out of bed at 3:45am to meet up with a new running buddy, Scott at 4:15.  Yes, in the morning.  I told myself "it's only an hour earlier than I usually get big deal."  Oh it was WAY different.  I was exhausted.  I took a 2 hour nap that afternoon. That's not saying that I won't do it again.  I have plans to meet him next week too.

Saturday, I met up with Kate and Jen at a metro park.  I had 16 miles to do, Kate was running her very first 12 miler (WOOT!) and Jen was in for 4 miles just for the fun of it.  It was super humid Saturday morning, but temps were it the 60s.  A least it wasn't hot AND humid.  I was soaking wet by the time I was finished.  There wasn't a stitch of dry clothing.  I always get a little chuckle when I take off my running clothes before my shower, I drop them on the bathroom floor and they make a splat sound.  Every piece of clothing made the splat sound on Saturday.

Later that afternoon, after I'd been sitting around for a bit, I tried to stand up and I felt pain.  Quite a bit of pain.  What the...?  I couldn't walk without a limp, standing up from sitting in a chair was ridiculously hard and I couldn't lift my right leg.  Crap.  I started to panic.  I've made it through this whole freaking training plan without any overuse injuries and now, two weeks before the race, I have a random injury?!  (No, it wasn't taper madness.  This was real pain.)  I'm no pansy when it comes to pain.  I've broken a few bones and I've heave-hoed two human beings out of my body.  I can handle a little pain.  After a little stretching, I determined that the culprit was a groin muscle/tendon/ligament/whatever it is.  I still have no idea what I did to flare it up.  It never once hurt while I was running.

After I figured out where the pain was coming from, I did what any sane runner would do: looked it up on WebMD.  Do not attempt this at home.  It is always, always a mistake to look stuff up on WebMD.  After reading through all of their information on a pulled groin muscle, I was convinced the only thing that could save me was to amputate at the hip.  Before that drastic move, I would try Motrin, rest and a few martinis with my friends.  By the time I went to bed on Saturday night, it didn't hurt at all!  (I also couldn't feel my lips...)

Do not attempt this at home, either.
Kate, Mary and I are trained professionals.
...or something like that....

Sunday morning, I could still feel the ache, but it was nothing compared to the day before.  Whew.  Maybe it's just a mild strain.  I skipped my recovery run on Sunday and I'm not scheduled to run again until Tuesday.  I will completely rest it until then.  No cross training, no running, nothing.  (As if I wasn't already going crazy with the taper, right?)  If I still feel any kind of pain Tuesday morning, I won't run until Thursday.  I am not messing around with this nonsense.  I do not want to be in pain before the race even starts!

Week 17
Monday- cross train: abs, arms, burpees
Tuesday- 3.02mi
Wednesday- cross train: abs, arms, back
Thursday- 7.04mi
Friday- rest (other than #superhero)
Saturday- 16mi
Sunday- complete rest
Total for week 17- 26.06 miles

May #superhero Challenge (at least 3 times/week)
April 30- finish burpee challenge
May 1- 2 sets
May 2- 3 sets
May 3-
May 4- 3 sets
May 5-
May 6-

How was YOUR training this week?
Ever pull/strain your groin?  What did you do to help it get better?


  1. You really need to help me set up my blog page so it looks better. (like yours) When self medicating, remember... profesionals built the Titanic, Amateurs built the Ark.

    1. Haha....very true, Sir, very true.

  2.'re gonna make me run ALONE??? THE GANSTA LOOP ALONE???


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