Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April's Challenge: 30 Burpees

Ugh.  Burpees. 
I hate burpees.

Back in March, when Denise suggested burpees for the April challenge, I SO wanted to sit the month out, but I knew as much as I didn't want to do them, burpees would be good for me.  The burpee works pretty much every muscle in the body.

Never heard of a burpee?  Check this out:

Never tried one?  Do it.  Your buns, arms, back, quads and abs will thank me.

What ultimately talked me into participating in this challenge was starting from 1.  On April first, we only had one burpee.  Totally doable.  On April second, we had to do 2, April third, 3 and so on.  This challenge started to get hard around day 11 and I was surprised it took that long!  I started doing them in two sets starting at day 14 and three sets starting at day 26.

I still dislike burpees, but I have to admit that I see results.  I can now do 10+ burpees in a row without keeling over and I'm seeing more definition in my abs.  Unfortunately, I did not take before and after photos because I will not post before and after photos.  Growing the little ladies did a number on the skin on my stomach so my abs will never again be viewed by the public.  You'll have to trust me when I say, I see results.  As much as this pains me to type: I will not be dismissing the burpee now that April is over.

I missed some days this month.  I didn't do any on the days of a couple of my long runs and I fell off the wagon for a few days while I was in Massachusetts, but I jumped right back on when I got home.  Let me tell you: it was really hard jumping back on in the 20s, but I stuck with it.

Here is the whole month of burpees:

April 1- 1 burpee
April 2- 2 burpees
April 3- 3 burpees
April 4- 4 burpees
April 5- 5 burpees
April 6- 6 burpees
April 7- 7 burpees-- after 17 miles of hills!
April 8- 8 burpees
April 9- 9 burpees
April 10- 10 burpees
April 11- 11 burpees
April 12- 12 burpees
April 13- 13 burpees
April 14- 14 push ups (after 20 miles, my legs weren't up for burpees)
April 15- 15 burpees
April 16- 16 burpees
April 17- 17 burpees
April 18- 18 burpees
April 19- 0
April 20- 0
April 21- 0
April 22- 0
April 23- 23 burpees
April 24- 24 burpees
April 25- 25 burpees
April 26- 26 burpees
April 27- 27 burpees
April 28- 0 (Running 22 miles was enough, thank you.)
April 29- 29 burpees
April 30- 30 burpees!

Total for April: 341 burpees!  Woot!

Did you participate in April's challenge?  How did you do?
Have you ever done a burpee?  Do you hate them as much as I do?


  1. Awww... too bad my knee wouldn't allow my participation. (whew)

  2. I've done burpees, and not a huge fan...or maybe not a fan at all!

    1. But they work! We have a mutual respect. ;)


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