Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Days To Race Day

I'm starting to let myself get excited. 
Last week, I was too scared to get excited. 
Sunday and yesterday, I was in too much pain to get excited.

Today, I got an email from The Cleveland Marathon and this is what I saw:

...and I got butterflies.  Holy crap.  I'm registered for the Marathon.

Really, it seemed like a good idea when I registered. :)

My hip is feeling a little better today.  My friend, Amanda--who is seeing a physical therapist for a similar hip issue, showed me a stretching exercise that really seems to be helping.  My fingers are firmly crossed that I can get to the finish line with little to no hip pain.

I started packing.  Yes, I realize that I have 5 days.  I've had a packing list for months.  We're lucky I waited this long to start. 

I will have three bags just for ME, not to mention the suitcase with clothes for Randy and the little ladies.

Why do I need 3 bags?  I'm glad you asked.

My Pre-Race Bag is exactly what it sounds like.  It will have everything I'll need Sunday morning: race outfit including shoes, hydration belt, fuel, ear buds, Garmin and charger and my phone charger.

My Mid-Race Bag is for Randy to keep with him; it's the "just in case" stuff: body glide, extra shoes and socks.  If I need this stuff, it will be on the course.  And because I've thought of it and will have to available to me, I won't need it.

My Post-Race Bag is everything I'll need after I finish, Randy will also have this bag with him.  (Don't worry, he's not holding it all.  That's what the double jogging stroller is for!)  My guess is that we won't get a late checkout at the hotel, so I probably won't get a shower after the race.  Luckily for everyone who has to be near me, my Post-Race Bag will contain a package of baby wipes--the next best thing to a shower, right?  It will also contain a full outfit to change into, lotion, deodorant (thank God!) and flip flops because once the running shoes come off, I'm pretty sure my feet won't fit into anything else.  I've also thrown in a plastic bag to wrap my stinky clothes in so they don't stink up the car and a Lara Bar. 

Why a Lara Bar? Let me tell you a little story...once upon a time, I crossed the finish line after running for five freaking hours.  All I wanted was a bagel.  I wandered through the food tent searching...there wasn't a bagel to be found.  The food tent contained pizza and potato chips, neither of which I could stomach the thought of, so I ate nothing.  Thirty minutes later I felt really nauseous because I hadn't eaten anything other than Cliff Shot Bloks in over 6 hours.

Moral of the story: make sure you have something at the finish line that you know you can eat...just in case the food provided by the race is crap.
Now do you see why I need 5 days to pack?  Other than all the people stuff and race stuff, I have to pack dog stuff since the pooches are going to the resort for the weekend.

Whew!  Back at it...

How do you prepare for race weekend?  Do you over-plan like I do?
What post-race food do you crave?


  1. I crave bagels like any bad ass mother runner would after a race! And I definitly over pack and plan, although I've never done a race that was farther than an hour away but you would think I did by what I packed in my car and my post race bag. Oy Vey! I hope you have a magnificient RACE, and there is NO PAIN!!! KILL IT GIRL!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! I'm glad I'm not the only over planner/packer! :)

  2. Pancakes.... or waffles. And eggs, fried. Three of them. Lots of syrup.

    1. That's quite a list! By the way, you'll never catch me craving any of those things...except maybe the syrup. ;)

  3. I almost always crave pizza or cheeseburgers, and beer. I am not a over planner/packer. I am afraid that I am not gonna have something that I need so I tend to just throw random stuff in the bag.


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