Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Meet the newest addition to my running shoe family!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 8
I love new shoes!  They're shiny and pretty and they smell so good! (What?  I know I'm not the only person who spends a considerable amount of time sniffing new shoes.) 

I've never run in Mizunos before; I'm looking forward to our first miles together in the morning.

My current shoes, the Saucony Hurricane 13, still have some life left.  I have two pairs each having about 300 miles on them.  They still feel fine to run in, but most likely will not make it to the Cleveland Marathon in May so a new pair was in order.  Ben at Fleet Feet watched me run on the treadmill for a few minutes and thought that maybe I don't need quite as much support as the Hurricanes offer.  Fine with me.  I'm not totally in love with the Hurricanes anyway.  I'm currently sporting my second black toenail with them.

The color--obviously, the most important feature in a running shoe--is growing on me.  My first choice is always pink (the brighter the better!), but many of the pink options this season do not come in wide.  Since my mother graced me with her duck-like feet, I need a wide.  There is a little bit of magenta on the sides so it's acceptable.

I'll be trying out Yasso 800s for the first time tomorrow.  Maybe my Mizunos will make me really fast!

What are you running in?
Ever sniff your new shoes?


  1. Congrats on the new shoes! I hope you have a better experience with Mizuno's than I do!

    Funny - I was talking about ordering my current shoe in another color. Guess this is a sign that I should! :D


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