Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday 2 Days Early--I make my own rules

This is Jackson.  He is almost 7 years old.  We adopted him 6 years ago this month.  He was our second adoption from Columbus Dog Connection.

Jackson is big, about 85 pounds with a big bark and big teeth.  He's pretty intimidating looking and has taken on the role of guard dog, especially since the little ladies were born.

All his guard doggedness (what, you never make up words to meet your needs?) can get really tiresome, especially during naptime--which of course is when UPS and FedEx are in the neighborhood.

Today, I'm thankful for my big, loud poochie-pie.  Last Wednesday afternoon, I noticed a lump on Jackson's leg.  We went to our vet, Dr. Wisecup, the next morning to have it checked out.  The lump was a pretty good size, 2cm x 2cm, and must have grown very quickly if it was already that big and I was just noticing it.  Jackson has very short fur and the lump was visible from across the room.

Upon inspection, Dr. Wisecup recommended removing the mass because of its size and location.  There isn't a whole lot of extra skin on the legs (ankle area) so if the mass grew more, he wouldn't have enough skin to close up the incision.  Dr. Wisecup wanted to do surgery on Monday (April 2). She tried to aspirate the mass so she could figure out what kind of tumor it was, but poked Jackson 3 times and couldn't get enough material out of it to determine what it was.  It seemed that surgery was the only option, as doing nothing was not an option.

Drop off on Monday morning was awful.  I think Jackson knew something bad was coming.  He was shaking and whining in the vet's office.  My big strong dog was scared.  I tried to hold it together, I really did, but ended up bawling like a baby as the technician took Jackson from me.

I stress-ate all day.  I ate anything I could get my hands on.  I finally heard from the vet's office shortly after 1pm.  Jackson was awake and barking and causing a ruckus (that's my boy!).  He would be ready to come home at 1:45! When I got to there, the surgery technician gave me our discharge instructions then finally brought Jackson in.  The first thing I noticed was how stoned he looked, poor boy could barely keep his eyes open.  The second thing I noticed was the bright yellow bandage on his leg.

When we got home, Jackson parked himself on the dog couch and didn't move much.  He whined for much of the afternoon on Monday.  I don't think it was because of pain, I think he just felt yucky from the anesthesia.  As the night went on, the whining lessened and he started to lay more comfortably.

He slept all night Monday night and after breakfast, pain meds and antibiotics on Tuesday morning, he got back on the couch and has been passed out snoozing peacefully ever since.

The tumor will be biopsied and we should have results early next week.  We're keeping our fingers crossed until then.

For now, I'm thankful to have all of my babies--both furry, and human--under one roof.

What are you thankful for?