Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Shoes: Take Two

Well, folks, the Mizunos were a no-go.  I tried two pairs, actually.  The first pair was a little too short so I got a half size bigger and they just didn't feel right.  Something was off in the front of the shoe near the ball of my foot.  Back to Fleet Feet I went.

Dave took one look at my feet and said I needed a higher stability shoe.  What?!  Ben just told me that I needed a less stable shoe.  He must have been smoking crack that day.  That's ok, we all have "off" days.  No hard feelings.  I'm just sad that I wasted two pairs of shoes.

Dave brought out two shoes for me to try: Brooks Adrenaline and Saucony Omni.  He said the Omni is like the Hurricane that I've been wearing.  I've tried on the Adrenaline at least 4 times and every time, I don't like it.  Yesterday was no exception.  The Omni, however...ahhhh, it felt like home.

I asked about the black toenails. If I get black toenails in the Hurricanes, will I get them in the Omnis too?  Dave told me to take my socks off so he could look at my feet.  OK, dude, you asked for it. I have a birthmark AND a black toenail on the same foot.  Really, it's HOT!  Dave didn't seem phased.  I stood in front of him and he said "Look at what you're doing."  What?  Apparently, I curl my toes.  Just standing there I curl my toes.  Most likely, I curl my toes while I run too.  Aha.  It's all becoming clear to me.  It doesn't matter what shoe I wear.  If I run far enough, I will have black toenails.  Awesome.

Here they are.  I feel confident that these are keepers.
I have 22 miles to run on Saturday.  My last really long run before the Cleveland Marathon.  I plan to start out in my new Omnis and have a pair of Hurricanes in the car just in case.  Stay tuned...

What's your favorite running shoe?
Have you ever run in the Omnis? 


  1. I love my Brooks Glycerin 8s!! Dave at Fleet Feet is great - so patient & helpful!! Interesting about your toes curling!

    1. ...and he was smitten with my 3 year old. That upped his awesomeness. ;)

  2. Dave is awesome. Very interesting about the toe curl!
    I hope these shoes work much better!


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