Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training: Week 16

This was the last week building mileage.  It's all easy running from here, with a little 16 and 14 miler thrown in.  Oh yea, and the 26.2.

This week was my highest mileage week ever.  This was the week that had me panicked.  Back in January when my coach gave me my training plan, I took one look at Week 16 and hyperventilated a little.  44 miles in one week. Holy crap, that's a lot of miles. (for me, possibly not for some of you)

I survived it.  I enjoyed it (with the exception of mile 22 on Saturday when I was just ready to be done).  I kind of rocked it.

Every week I find myself saying to someone: I can't believe how good I feel after running 15, 18, 20, 22 miles.  Really, I feel awesome!  (This gives me foolish hope that I'll be able to walk down the stairs without yelping the day after the marathon.  HA!)

So...why?  Why do I feel so good this time when training for my first marathon left me sore, exhausted and, ultimately, injured?  I have a few theories:
  • I've been running longer.  I ran my first marathon one year after running my first mile.  That may not have been my brightest move.
  • I'm running more. I run more miles during the week to support my long runs on the weekend.  I expected this to be really hard.  It wasn't.
  • I'm keeping up with the cross training.  Denise's monthly challenges have helped a lot with that.  My abs, back, buns, arms and legs are all staying strong.  I also stretch my legs (calves, quads, buns and IT bands) every night.
  • I've slowed down.  I used to race every run...and I had a lot of injuries.  I bought a heart rate monitor (HRM) and learned how to use it.  I was shocked (and a little discouraged) at how slow I "should" be running, but I stuck with it and have increased my speed in just the past few months.
I think all of these changes have contributed to the past 16 weeks of awesome training.  Really, I feel GREAT!  (Have I mentioned that?)  I'm really excited for the race, but I'm almost sad for this training plan to be over.  2 weeks and 6 days.  Bring it, Cleveland.

How is YOUR training going?
Have you ever had two training plans feel like night and day?  What did you do different?

Week 16:
Monday- 5.3mi
Tuesday- 5.05mi
Wednesday- 10mi
Thursday- abs/arms/burpees
Friday- rest (plus burpees)
Saturday- 22mi
Sunday- 2.33mi
Total miles for week 16: 44.68

April Burpee Challenge:
Monday- 23 burpees
Tuesday- 24 burpees
Wednesday- 25 burpees
Thursday- 26 burpees
Friday- 27 burpees
Saturday- 0  (Running 22 miles was enough, thank you.)
Sunday- 29 burpees
Total burpees this week: 154
Total Burpees in April so far: 311!


  1. You did great last week! Just keep training smart, listen to your body. I can't wait to see you at the finish line is 20 days!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have you learned your lesson yet? Why fear the unknown? The best part of this, is the mental strength you have gained and can rely on for race day. You have proven to yourself that you can and will do it. Keep your head in the game, rely on your training, and do it. You ARE ready.


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