Monday, April 16, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training: Week 14

Whew!  Week 14 is in the bag!  I have to say, I was nervous about this week.  In week 14 last year, the overuse injuries started.  This year, I'm doing things a little differently: I'm staying consistent with the cross training and stretching and I'm running easier, not at top speed for every run.  I'm also running a lot more miles during the week.  It has been explained to me that running 10 miles during the week does not balance out and support a 20 mile run on the weekend.  I've always been afraid of high weekly mileage, but here I am, finished with my second 40+ mileage week and I'm feeling great!

My long run this week was 20 miles.  I took the little ladies to Michigan for a family birthday party so I was on my own for the long run.  I really could have used the conversation with my friends Saturday morning.  My grandmother is having serious health problems and my emotions go back and forth between fear, sadness and acceptance.  I was in acceptance mode for the first 3 hours of the run.  I hit mile 17 and BAM!  Waterworks.  I cried for the next 3 miles.  What the heck is wrong with me?!  I was a disaster for the rest of the day.  (In my defense, the day before I held it together very well.  I was due for a melt down.)

Sunday morning I wanted a few recovery miles.  It was pouring so I waited until the rain lightened up a little.  I like running in the rain, but a downpour is just asking for chaffing.  It was lightly sprinkling when I left.  I got about a block away and the rain picked back up.  Oh well.  I was already wet, might as well keep going.  The rain wasn't cold and it wasn't uncomfortable.  It was soothing and within minutes I was calm.  I let go of all the anxiety and tension I had been holding on to.  I think I smiled for the whole run.  I saw two other runners out in that mess.  One looked totally miserable, it might have been because she was wearing cotton.  I felt light and free and content.  I even did a split leap over a large puddle.  When I got back, I ran up the driveway and my mom was waiting at the door with a towel.  The perfect ending to my soggy run.  I am so loved.  This coming week is going to be a rough one with traveling (without my little ladies) to say goodbye to my grandmother, but I'll manage.  Bring on the rain.

Week 14
Monday- 4mi
Tuesday- 9mi
Wednesday- Cross train: abs, arms, buns
Thursday- 4.96mi speedwork 3x800
Friday- rest
Saturday- 20mi
Sunday- recovery 2.76mi
Total for week 14: 40.72mi

April Burpees Challenge
April 9- 9 burpees
April 10- 10 burpees
April 11- 11 burpees
April 12- 12 burpees
April 13- 13 burpees
April 14- 14 push ups (after 20 miles, my legs weren't up for burpees)
April 15- 15 burpees
Total burpees this week: 70
Total burpees in April: 106

How was your training this week?
Do you run in the rain?

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  1. Great training. I'm sorry about your Grandma. I can relate to the emotions getting to you, glad you were able to have that time to let go.

    I run in anything that won't kill me. HA. :)


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