Monday, April 9, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training: Week 13

Race day is only 6 weeks away!

I left the pace field behind this week.  All runs were done without me knowing what pace I'm running.  The only fields on my watch were distance, elapsed time, time of day and on some runs, heart rate percent of max. 

On Monday, I used the heart rate monitor to make sure I kept the run nice and easy.  Turns out, I didn't need it.  I ran by feel and my average heart rate for the run was 64% of max (for easy runs, my heart rate is supposed to be below 70% of max).  Humph.  I guess my body knows what it's doing. (imagine that!)

Tuesday was my first rest day in almost a month.  With all the stress of Jackson's surgery, I was exhausted and needed to rest. Other than my Burpees Challenge, I did nothing.

I got my mid-week long run in on Wednesday (with hills!). It was a great stress relief and I felt well rested. Again, I had no pace to look at and it went really well. Thursday was an evening group run.  I ran with Anne and Amanda--we kept a pretty fast pace (that I couldn't see at the time), but I had no trouble holding a conversation, so I guess it wasn't too fast.

Most of my long run was solo on Saturday.  I had my friend Erin with me for 8 miles and was on my own for 9 (but there was plenty to look at).  We met at a metro park with a hilly path--I was all about the hills this week.  The path is a 3.8mi loop.  The farthest I've ever run on this path is 12 miles; 3 laps around.  The fourth lap was brutal, but I refused to walk the hills--oh, I wanted to, but what I wanted more was to be able to tell Anne that I ran ALL the hills.  Past experiences at this park have not been awesome because of having to walk the hills.  I'm thrilled that, this time, I felt strong and I was alone!  There was no one there to drag encourage me up the hills.  It was a hard workout, but I felt so triumphant when I finished.  I can't wait to go back.

Week 13
Monday: 5.42mi
Tuesday: rest (other than burpees)
Wednesday: 9mi
Thursday: 5.01mi
Friday: abs, arms, burpees
Saturday: 17mi
Sunday: recovery 3.36mi
Total mileage for week 13: 38.79mi

April Burpee Challenge
April 2- 2 burpees
April 3- 3 burpees
April 4- 4 burpees
April 5- 5 burpees
April 6- 6 burpees
April 7- 7 burpees-- after 17 miles of hills!
April 8- 8 burpees
Total burpees for the week- 35 burpees
Total burpees for April- 36 burpees

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  1. Awesome training! Way to conquer the hills!

    I need to run without pace more often!


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