Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training: Week 12

I was pretty sore starting off the week after my big PR on Sunday. (Anne keeps reminding me that good things don't come without a little pain.)  The very very very very very slow recovery run on Monday helped as my legs were feeling a little better on Tuesday--ahem, I didn't yelp while walking down the stairs.

No rest for the wicked. Week 12 beckons. :)

Tuesday, I focused on arms and abs.  I did absolutely nothing to work the legs, but got a lot of leg stretches in at the end of the workout.  Wednesday was my mid-week long run.  I planned to run after I dropped Ellie off at school.  Turns out, my friend Angie had the same idea!  My solo 9 miler turned into a buddy run!

Thursday, I met my Turtle running group for 5 miles.  The 9mi on Wednesday and the 5mi n Thursday is my highest back to back mileage ever!  Funny that last year, I was so afraid of running 2 days in a row and now I'm running 14 miles in 2 days and I feel good!

Friday, I dragged my weary self out of bed for some core.  Spent a lot of time stretching my abs, back and legs when I was done.  I also used my snazzy new foam roller on my calves.

Saturday, I met Anne, Angie, Kate and Jen (who joined us for the first time) at a metro park.  I was scheduled for 18, but Anne asked if I wanted to do 20 with her.  The idea didn't totally freak me out, so, why not?  Jen ran 7 miles for the first time ever, yay!  Angie and Kate stuck with us for 10. Anne and I felt pretty good for most of the 20 miles.  We started to get pretty tired around mile 18 and there wasn't much conversation between 19 and 20, but we made it!  We shaved 27 minutes off our 20 mile time from last year too.  WOOT!

Sunday, I ran a short and slow recovery, my legs felt surprisingly good.  I foam rolled when I got home and did 1 burpee.  Our twitter group started a new challenge for April: a burpee challenge!  I hate burpees, so this will be good for me.  If you're on Twitter, follow these tweeps and their burpee progress: @amanda_mowry, @denisermt, @runningrealtor1, @seekaterun1, @runningmom2boys, @forrestgump49er and me @runmama2girls.

Week 12
Monday- recovery 3.28mi
Tuesday- abs and arms
Wednesday- 9.02mi
Thursday- 5mi
Friday- abs, arms, stretch, foam roll
Saturday- 20mi long run, foam roll
Sunday- recovery 2.75mi, foam roll

Burpee Challenge
April 1- 1 burpee

Total mileage for week 12- 40.05 miles  (My first ever 40 mile week!)


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