Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ode to the Potette

Sorry peeps, this post has nothing to do with running....but there are some invaluable life tips, so keep reading....

Last night, my favorite husband, Randy, and I took the girls to meet my friend Anne (a runner--hey!  there you go, this post is now about running) and her boys at Handle's for some ice cream.  We met after dinner.  We're mean good parents that way.

The two divas?  Yep, they're mine.
There was a park near the ice cream place so when the kids finished their ice cream, we went to play.  After about 10 minutes of playing, Ellie (age 5) had to go to the bathroom.  Of course she did...and yes, she went before we left.  The bathroom at the park is winterized which left us with a porta-potty. (insert gag and cringe here) 

Luckily, we have a Potette in the minivan.  What's a Potette, you ask?  Only the most genius invention EVER!!  A portable potty chair that folds, uses bags so it never has to be cleaned and fits in a diaper bag--or the stow-n-go in the minivan.

Ours is pink.

Not 5 minutes later, Aleena (age 3) also had to go...yes, she went before we left.  Seriously, this is the most action that Potette has gotten in months!  I almost removed it and left it in the garage when I cleaned the car out a few weeks ago, but put it back in "just in case".  Thank goodness.

I bought the Potette when Ellie was potty training so we would always have a bathroom handy.  My parents, in-laws and siblings live in Michigan, so we frequently traveled the four hours to visit.  Our drive takes us through the middle of nowhere.  There are no bathrooms in the middle of nowhere.  The trusty Potette was used a lot in those days....  There was also that trip we took to VA Beach when Ellie was potty the airport, where the bathrooms echo and my kid was afraid of loud noises--like toilets flushing in a echoing bathroom.  I set this little sucker up behind the counter in an empty terminal so my baby could have some peace and quiet.  Yes, I'm THAT mom.  Don't judge. 

I have no idea where the Potette is manufactured or what celebrity is endorsing it, I just know it has made my life so much easier in the past 3 years.  I can also vouch for its durability to stand up to um...heavier weight limits as I may, or may not have used it....three times.  When you're in the middle of a 4 hour drive, alone, with two SLEEPING babies, waking them up for a potty stop is absolutely out of the question.

When we got home from the park, we noticed that our first tulips of the year have opened!  We had to stop and smell them. :)

Anyone want to admit to having (or using) a Potette?  I know all of my friends have one.  I may, or may not be the only one of us who have actually tested it out.

I was not compensated, not was I asked to write a review for the Potette.  All opinions are my own.