Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring and the Smell of Sunscreen

As of today, spring is officially here! My magnolia tree is blooming, the trees have tiny green buds and I ran at 5am in shorts and short sleeves and had sweat dripping down my arms after mile 1. :)

Odd thing about my arms: my elbows sweat. Even in the winter the sleeves of my shirts are wet in the elbow crooks. Kind of gross actually.

On this wonderful first day of spring, I took the little ladies to the zoo this morning (forecast of 80+ degrees, how could I NOT?). It was our first sunscreen day of the year. Mmmm, love the smell of Coppertone Waterbabies...

Do you have any odd sweaty spots?
How about off-the-wall favorite scents? (BTW, I also like the smell of normal things: cake, cookies, pizza and pomegranate martinis, just to name a few.)

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